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  1. I'm not even going to watch this. I understand it's the kid's property and everything, but I never uderstood (and never will) pointlessly destroying things. I find it just... wrong.
  2. I will be sixteen this year and I don't plan to stop collecting Tamagotchis anytime soon!
  3. I don't have the app myself either, but I think that you can just save and exit the app and that would work like pausing.
  4. I simply couldn't leave my Tamas at home, I carry them everywhere I go in a small Nightmare Before Christmas bag I bought for £3 especially for them. It's got a little pocket so that I can carry a screwdriver and spare batteries with me. I only have two Tamas at the moment so they fit and have a lot of space left, but the bag could hold about twenty or so smaller versions, it's great!
  5. I'm going to a new school tomorrow and I will probably keep my Tamagotchi Friends in my little Nightmare Before Christmas bag (it's where I carry my 'Gotchis around all day, it's got a pocket so I can even carry a small screwdriver and batteries with me!) inside my backpack and luckily I bought trousers with pockets so my P2 will fit in there. I don't really hide the fact that I like and collect Tamagotchis, I know that some people don't like them and think they're childish but I don't really care .
  6. I have a P2 and used to have a Japanese Angelgotch, I plan to expand my vintages collection though, to be honest I think that my collection might focus mostly on Ancestors .
  7. I finally got my P2 today! The Tama arrived in a huge box wrapped up in bubble wrap, and was in perfect condition .
  8. Ah, I see. (I just realised how little I know about new Tamagotchi releases, I gotta head over to the Tamagotchi Wiki or something ). Thank you!
  9. Hi! I'm sorry if I topic like this has been made already, I did a search and couldn't find anything. Basically, I was wondering whether the jewellery you buy on Tamagotchi Friends affects the characters you get? Because yesterday my little boy evolved into a Knighttchi and a crown appeared beside him (I can't remember which one, though).
  10. I just created an account, my username there is siaraen. I find the site a bit confusing, but it does look fun so I'd probably be quite active there, though I'm probably a bit too old for it to be honest .
  11. I have two best Tamagotchi memories (so far!). The first one is when I went on holidays with my family and my first Tamagotchi, a V2 Ginjirotchi whom I called Sonia. I took her everywhere and I have lot of pictures of her with me. The second one is from when the V3 came out, it was really fun because nearly every child at my school had one and everyone was constantly playing with them, I made a lot of friends that year and I wish that something like this could happen again!
  12. My first Tamagotchi was the glittery, clear pink V2, I think that it was an Argos exclusive but I'm not entirely sure. I was about five or six years old at that time and I literally took it everywhere I went, and showed it to my family and neighbors. My first character was a female Ginjirotchi called Sonia (I named her that because I used to watch the Sonic anime at that time), and that's why Ginjirotchi is my second favorite character (the first being Mimitchi).
  13. Yeah, that's exactly what I meant! Actually, the Tama you linked is from the seller who I bought my P2 from . Thanks.
  14. I don't own an iPhone, iPad or Android device so unfortunately I'm not able to play it. I have been thinking about downloading an emulator but I'm not sure whether it's worth it, really.
  15. I'm not technically a new Tamagotchi owner but I figured out that this is the best place to ask this question. So, basically, I have been browsing though eBay a lot for older versions of Tamagotchis lately and I came across descriptions like "RARE BLUE CARDED" or "RARE RED CARDED". I have never came across these terms before and it would be great if anyone could tell me whether these 'Gotchis are really rare, or somebody just put this in the description to attract customers .