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  1. I just received a Sanrio M!x in the mail and it has a small amount of battery acid/dust on all of the metal contacts and prongs. The Tama turns on alright but I was wondering what a good way to clean it was without hurting it further.
  2. Are tamagotchi nanos any fun?

    1. lovelitchi_4950


      I think they are! they are very simple but they are also very cute! :)

  3. Well I found the V5 I have been looking for. But unfortunatly for me it happens to be being sold from Australia AGAIN!! *Bashes head on desk*

  4. Got my Digimon Accelerator yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!

  5. What is a connexion?

    1. 2pVaporeon


      Im pretty sure its the European version of the connections.

    2. Asiangotchi
  6. I had that large neopet thing when I was a little kid. It looked different on the inside though and had different characters. It was this one I think!
  7. Is shipping from australia to the U.S really expensive?

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    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Oh yes, it depends on the size and weight. It cost me $20 just to send a connection Tamagotchi in a bubble envelope to America with no tracking or anything

    3. HeathersTamas


      Yeah, there was an auction on ebay for V5.5 Tamagotchis and the opening bid was about 0.80 U.S cents.. Anyway, on the facebook group "Tamagotchi Collector's", someone wanted to buy it but the owner was from Australia and wasn't willing to ship internationally because the shipping was 40 dollars for one Tama! Not worth it at all! Hehe I won 2 of the owners other V5.5 Tamas that they put up though! Yay for me!! But Nonooooo for the person who wanted to get th...

    4. HeathersTamas


      The shell that they wanted*

  8. Very upsett right now. I want to buy a tama off of Ebay but the seller is located in Australia and doesn't ship internationally.

    1. furbitchi


      What tama was it?

    2. Itsumo-nana


      These people are basically spitting on money. You could message them and ask for an exception? :(

    3. Rel95


      They are really cool v4.5s. I might try to message them...

  9. When do you get new instruments in the music star? I have two right now but do we get two more with each tamagotchi we raise?

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    2. Rel95


      So i get a new instrument every generation?


    3. Itsumo-nana


      Yes! :) Same as getting a new toy :D

    4. tamastar133


      When after the baby is a toddler Ms. Fills gives you a present with a toy when teen a new teacher will give you a new instrument and yeah takes like 12 or 10 maybe just 8 mintues to come depending on age like Teen or Kid okay :)

  10. How many different types of tamagotchi's are there? I know a lot of them but sometimes i see weird ones that I have no clue about. Can someone give me a list and then tell me what special features each has that makes them different from others.
  11. My boyfriend and I got our tamas yesterday and we love them!

    1. tabbytabtab


      yay!!! Congrats!!!

    2. Carol_tama


      which versions? ^^

  12. Does anyone know anything about Digimon Pendulums?

    1. Midorime


      Which ones? The old brick ones? The second versions? Pen Progs? Waromnimon on here is probably the best person to ask.

    2. WarOmnimon


      You called? :) Anyway Rel95, which Digimon Pendulums are you referring to? There's four sets - the Pendulum, Pendulum Progress, Pendulum X, and Pendulum Cycle. Each one is different, needless to say.

  13. Should I get an English ID L or a Japanese ID L?

    1. TamAmore


      a Japanese one.They really cheap on Amazon uk, also the special editions, the English iD L is only on eBay and they're not cheap like the Japanese versions

    2. TamAmore
  14. I want to get an ID L. Should I get a regular one or a Princess Spacey one?

    1. Jhud


      They have so little changes it doesn't really matter, BUT Princess Spacy seems cheaper to me. Idk, it's often priced at 37$ shipping.

    2. Jhud


      *without shipping I haven't slept..

    3. tabbytabtab


      Well, the princess spacey one is pretty much just a more kawaii iD L with a few character differences and such

  15. What is the Tamagotchi Color like?

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    2. Rel95
    3. Carol_tama


      but beware, iD L's are both in japanese and english

    4. SakuraLove


      you really don't need any knowledge of Japanese to run the Color though.

  16. Bought myself a Music star and V4.5 earlier!! I hope this stuff doesn't turn out like my last Ebay purchase.

    1. tabbytabtab


      Lets cross our fingers, I hope you get what you ordered!!! Oh, and thanks again for the present!

  17. I have 25 dollars to spend and I am not sure if I want a Tama-Go or a V4.5. Any Suggestions????

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    2. SakuraLove
    3. tabbytabtab


      Tama-Go isn't very fun without figures. Definitely the V 4.5

    4. jjavi
  18. Is the Tama-Go any good? What is it like? What are special features of it?
  19. Lol so far I have married Chrom, Yarne, and Nah.
  20. I am 18 and I am ready to start playing with them again. I even got my 17 year old boyfriend excited about getting one! He can't wait to have his first Tamagotchi lol. Just because we get older does not mean we should have to stop playing with things that are meant for children. Society is the one who tells us to do that but it is key to remember that society is mostly made up of idiots.
  21. I Don't have any real tamas so I have been playing the app. My profile picture is my Tonmarutichi who I have named Grape.

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    2. Rel95


      And I'm not sure about Google Play TamAmore. I only use the apple store.

    3. dazzilitchigirl


      I managed to get the app on my phone and I live in the UK. I downloaded it from some website, it was really easy and I didn't have to pay. Unfortunately I can't remember the site. Maybe make a topic about it here?

    4. tabbytabtab


      Just look up "tamagotchi life .apk" on google or something, TamAmore.

  22. My boyfriend recently got me into this game. I thought it would just be another stupid fighting game but it is AWESOME!!! It is sort of like playing chess with actual characters and with a story. Plus you get to marry all of the characters off to each other and they produce children. Than their children become playable characters. It is such an addicting game. It is for the 3DS and it is definitely worth the money you spend on it. I was actually thinking of buying another copy lol.
  23. What instruments do they play? Is it always the same one or does it vary from tama to tama? Are they good Tamagotchis? How easy is it to take care of them?