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  1. Yes!! I love Kpop!! My favourite groups are Exid, Sistar, Big Bang and BTS
  2. I have a Yellow iD L!! I really love it but I also want to get a P's sometime soon They look so beautiful c:
  3. It would have to be the PUG!! They are shooOOoooOoooo cute!!!! In my eyes xD
  4. You was bae about a week agoooooo /😌/ / |\ \😌/ \ / \ 😌 /\\ /\
  5. (•_•) / <) ) Fergalicious / \ \ (•_•) ( (> Definition / \ (•_•) <) )> Make them boys / \ go loco
  6. Why fall in love when you can fall asleep
  7. My dream holiday would be about a month on a huge luxury cruise ship! ♥ The Sims 4 is being released this week, are you excited?
  8. Miself bcz im fabalus. Haha, but really, I have many crushes and i'm too afraid to do anything about them. c:
  9. Gender: Female Age group: 13-15 Residence: Australia Relationship status: Single. Availbleeeee! Religion: Catholic
  10. On a serious note! ^-^ lmao. I've planned my whole future family out.. I've always wanted 2 boys and having a girl is just ugh too many problems to deal with *haha* I adore the name Liam and Zane/Zayn they go so well! I know those are two of the name of the One Direction band but it just so happens to be a coincidence because i've always loved the names Liam and Zane! <3 I haven't figured out their middles names, I mean, what's the point of one? I wasn't even born with one :3
  11. To kill a mockingbird... for English class! xD
  12. It's annoying because, there are many people out there like myself who have spent a ton of money on the Sims and the expansion packs. However, I think this was a great way to allow others who haven't had the opportunity to experience the Sims 2. I luckily managed to get it onto my other laptop but i'm yet to download it.