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    I found my V4 in my room and turned it on and fell in love with Tamagotchis again. Thats my interests haha
    And writing and reading and video games
    I love to watch anime, I love the tamagotchi anime
    I'm friendly to everyone so don't be afraid to talk to me or ask me something :)

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    A V1, V4, ID L, and a P
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    The ID L
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    Mametchi, kuchipatchi, mimitchi, memetchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    2 about to be 3
  1. do notttt go on ebay if you end up wanting to buy one, they go for like $25 it's just ridiculous
  2. Got waken up by my tama this morning, couldn't be happier :)

  3. Got my ID L today and I am so in love :) :) :) a new baby boy, i'm soooo beyond happy!

  4. I just ordered a P online but its in Japanese so I might only have it for collection purposes It looks amazing though
  5. I'm just curious what other peoples favorites are, i'm new to this site but thrilled to have found it