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  1. I've been seeing these pop up on ebay lately! They look neat and I love the shell designs so I was thinking about maybe buying one. Has anyone else ever owned or otherwise seen these around before? I'd like to know more about them o:
  2. My patapatatchi on my v3 just grew into a mametchi nwn

  3. Setting the times so my tamas go to bed/wake up later was the best decision I ever made.

  4. Whoops, got Kunoitchi on my v6 ._.

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan
    2. tamastar133


      I want her because she's very cute for me :D

    3. Windveil


      She is really cute!! But I just feel bad for being a bad tama mama ;u;

  5. I've never even heard of those! Do you have any pictures of it? After some searching on google I can't find anything that fits that description and now I'm really curious x)
  6. @Carol_tama I believe the kacheek ones are haunted woods themed! @Jhud I think there was only the faerieland and meridell deluxe ones, but a darigan citadel one would have been super cool o: I don't think any of the smaller ones were darigan themed unfortunately.
  7. Got Mimitchi on my tamagotchi gameboy game! I'm so proud~ nwn

    1. Itsumo-nana


      Mine isn't an adult yet <3

  8. @SailorRosette I always used to take one on bus rides when I was in middle school. They really can be a pretty good distraction! But when it comes to virtual pets I think I more like the care aspect so while the games are fun, it just isn't really my cup of tea. @Brittygotchi Awesome! I'll let you know when I decide then c: @LittleChocoWolf You have a nice friend! I kinda wish I had gotten the meridell one when I was little. Draiks are the best x)
  9. I work as a cashier and basically any sort of distraction is very much off limits, unfortunately. As much as I would love to carry one in a pocket, there's not really a way I could fiddle with one during my shift unless I want to get in some major trouble :c I just leave my pets paused at home because nothing ever seems to go wrong until I leave them unpaused during work. My tama almost died last time I tried to take it ;o;
  10. @Camoth They're actually pretty simple! The spots on the inside are where you can place one of the figures for quick access to a game or area. You also use them to switch between each neopet. And isn't he though? The game itself is pretty boring but the pets are super adorable so I've kept it around. --- @Brittygotchi I'm actually kinda sorta thinking about selling it (or maybe trading it?), would you like me to keep you posted?
  11. I've got two of them and I was wondering if anyone else here had any! Especially if you have the faerieland set of three, I've not seen many of them online. This picture shows mine (and the other two pets of my tiny collection): ... and here's the inside of the faerieland one because I think it's neat c: