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  1. counting down the days until xmas... hoping for a Santagotch from Santa ;)

  2. anxiously awaiting the arrival of my pink Tamagotchi 4U & CandyPakuPaku touch card ^_^

  3. Hi all- I've received my 4U today, here's a link to a video I made. It's my second video ever... ^___^; I hope you enjoy
  4. i think the TMGC+C is my new favorite tama! ^_^;

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    2. Asia*


      that has always been my favorite! i sold my TMGC+C for an iDL and sooo wish i didn't. i had the hexagontchi and it was a beauty and so much fun to play with!

    3. MagicMimitchi


      TMGC+C has been my favorite for a while. The screen is larger than the other color versions. I love it for it's simplicity. I hope to get a second one someday. :3

    4. Thurin


      <3 I am actually getting rid of a few of mine on ebay if you are interested. :) Message me.


  5. i finally got a (used) tmgc+c, and it arrived today!! featuring the beautiful case made for me by carleesi <3 (the tamagotchi_xo watermark is because I originally posted this photo to my instagram account dedicated to my collection )
  6. i got an Akai Ketai today!! it's even cuter than I imagined

  7. Logging into tamatalk to find that tBay has been defunct is quite sad. For what it's worth, I completely understand and support this decision that the mods have made. It's awful to realize that there are people who feel the need to scam and lie to others over a freaking plastic toy, albeit quite cute and fun. While TamaTalk has allowed me to become friends with a select few wonderful people (namely brittygotchi, carol_tama, 2pvaporeon) & before joining i was blissfully unaware of all the competitive collecting and tamadrama that went on in the world of tamagotchi collecting. Its a shame, because TamaTalk has so many positive things to offer all of us, allowing us to connect with people across the world who share an interest in tamagotchis. To those bad apples out there, I ask you: What do you think your tamagotchi(s) would do if they knew how you were behaving? I tell you what I think; it would pack up and leave. Malfoy Edit: Mind the language, please. Thank you.
  8. i made an instagram for my collection ^_^;; it's tamagotchi_xo

  9. i ♡ himespaghetti ;3;

    1. mashuu


      me too. <3

  10. thank you!! they take me a few hours in total to make, plus adding 3-5 layers of varnish to make them extra shiny thank you i have been entertaining the idea of selling them, but i'm still not sure yet.. however if i do- there will be a topic in tBay
  11. ....and I wanted to share them with you guys! i'd love any feedback/thoughts/opinions bye~