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Status Updates posted by amykola

  1. counting down the days until xmas... hoping for a Santagotch from Santa ;)

  2. anxiously awaiting the arrival of my pink Tamagotchi 4U & CandyPakuPaku touch card ^_^

  3. i think the TMGC+C is my new favorite tama! ^_^;

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    2. Asia*


      that has always been my favorite! i sold my TMGC+C for an iDL and sooo wish i didn't. i had the hexagontchi and it was a beauty and so much fun to play with!

    3. MagicMimitchi


      TMGC+C has been my favorite for a while. The screen is larger than the other color versions. I love it for it's simplicity. I hope to get a second one someday. :3

    4. Thurin


      <3 I am actually getting rid of a few of mine on ebay if you are interested. :) Message me.


  4. i got an Akai Ketai today!! it's even cuter than I imagined

  5. i made an instagram for my collection ^_^;; it's tamagotchi_xo

  6. i ♡ himespaghetti ;3;

    1. mashuu


      me too. <3

  7. I got Himespetchi on my P's! She is so freaking cute.. OUO

    1. 2pVaporeon


      Awwh, i can't WAIT to get my p'!

      I love Himespaghetti, especially since in getting the baby change pierce. uwu

    2. tamastar133


      YEY For HIMESPAGHETTI! she's my favorite character of all time :D

  8. *sigh* i tried to connect my iD L to my P's... accidentally married them instead.. before I could even get their final stamps/pieces -_-;

  9. I got a P's!!! my birthday is off to a great start :'D

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan
    2. Carol_tama


      I got mine today as well! ^^ Happy b-day! :3

    3. ISmileBecauseImStrange


      Happy birthday! Enjoy!

  10. yay! the Tamatomo strap i ordered from Japan has arrived!

  11. anxiously awaiting my Tamagotchi P's ^_^

    1. Camoth
    2. AeroHail


      I just got mine recently. You will love it!

  12. hey, Mametchi, stop pooping on the floor!

    1. Sabrazom


      mameitchi does what he wants whenever he wants.

    2. amykola


      hahah- very true! he's so cute, I'll forgive him ;D

  13. ~searching desperately for Tamagotchi Gashapon~

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    2. amykola


      MagicMimitchi- that's exactly the set that I am looking for! if I have any luck finding them for sale online- i will let you know :)

    3. MagicMimitchi


      Awesome thanks! :3 I'm eyeing the second wave on ebay but I kinda want the first wave more D:

    4. amykola


      hah- so am i! :0 it's so tempting, but i also want the first wave more