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    Brighton, England
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    I love to make my own jewellery charms and play games etc etc.

    Have recently rediscovered my love of Tamagotchis and am thinking of starting a collection of them. (I just hope I can find my old P1's!!) :D

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    P1 White
    P1 Blue with numbers
    P1 Pink with numbers
    P2 Silver
    Silver/Gold Angel Gotch
    Silver/blue Angel Gotch
    Pink Angel Gotch
    Osutchi & Mesutchi (White with orange and green)
    Osutchi & Mesutchi (White + yellow with hearts)
    Osutchi (Clear black)
    Mothra - Green
    Mothra - Blue
    Morino - Vine shell
    V5 Pink sparkly
    Music Star (v6) Pink Glitter + Pink with stars
    Tama-go + 7 figures
    Royal Famiitchi
    Blue rainbow chibi
    Tamagotchi Friends
    Tamagotchi Dream Town
    Purple Tamagotchi ID L English
    Dream Coffret set
    Purple 4U
    Green P's
    Green IDL
    Green 4U+
    Green ID
    Green Plus Color
    Blue Plus Color
    Tamagotchi P's Pierces:
    - Dream to Change
    - Baby Change
    - Dream Coffret
    - Aikatsu
    - Baby Change
    - Namekonfunfu

    ID Station Home Deka
    Blue Home Deka

    Digimon V1 (Yellow and Blue)

    Hoppe Chan - Frosting Swirl

    2 green Morino Cases
    4U faceplate + dozens of handmade
    2 Morino Cases
    1 Angel Gotch case
    Handmade Devil gotchi cases (Halves)
    An army of Tamagotchi P's pierces, mainly Wall-e and Eve.
    2 tamagotchi watches
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    Tamagotchi P's - soo cute!!
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    P's - Green

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  1. Not sure how to upload images directly onto this post, so if you don't mind following the links above you can see what I have made!
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to revisit my old post, however found that it has been locked out due to inactivity. Not sure if you remember this post from about 4 years ago where I was attempting to make Tamagotchi P's replica hearts? WELL!! I HAVE NEWS!!! Check these out!!
  3. Have revisited my Tamagotchi P's cap project and have had amazing success! Read my blog post to see images!

  4. Im so sad, my IDLE is starting to show signs of sun damage. *weeps*

    1. JesterxLady


      I've noticed recently that some of the silver is wearing off of my iD LE. ='(

  5. I have a whole post about this ( unfortunately I haven't posted in a while so its now been locked), It has proven incredibly difficult to make a silicone replica, however through a lot of trial and error (I mean alot of trial and error, like a year working on and off) I have finally managed to get mine to work. It was hard but totally worthwhile in the end! Just keep at it! It is completely possible, but I have no idea about the electrical part of it though
  6. Can't decide if I should get a Cheeks Chan or not. They just look so cute!!

    1. SailorRosette


      They are very cute.

  7. Im all about making custom pierces and 4U faceplates at the moment! :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kayleykitty


      Custom pierces? :o

    3. cherryxz


      I think she/he meant something like the gashapon caps?

    4. ISmileBecauseImStrange


      Yup like the caps! :D Im so happy they're all working now (no tech in them, just decorative) (Changed my pic, I has Wall-e In mine now)



  8. - ARGH my Devil case is driving me insane!! WHY DONT YOU JUST WORK ALREADY!! -

  9. I wanna know what company people use to buy from japan. If anyone uses them from the UK even better! I wanna buy so much but am afraid to due to customs + shipping etc