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    Brighton, England
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    I love to make my own jewellery charms and play games etc etc.

    Have recently rediscovered my love of Tamagotchis and am thinking of starting a collection of them. (I just hope I can find my old P1's!!) :D

My Tamagotchis

  • My Collection
    P1 White
    P1 Blue with numbers
    P1 Pink with numbers
    P2 Silver
    Silver/Gold Angel Gotch
    Silver/blue Angel Gotch
    Pink Angel Gotch
    Osutchi & Mesutchi (White with orange and green)
    Osutchi & Mesutchi (White + yellow with hearts)
    Osutchi (Clear black)
    Mothra - Green
    Mothra - Blue
    Morino - Vine shell
    V5 Pink sparkly
    Music Star (v6) Pink Glitter + Pink with stars
    Tama-go + 7 figures
    Royal Famiitchi
    Blue rainbow chibi
    Tamagotchi Friends
    Tamagotchi Dream Town
    Purple Tamagotchi ID L English
    Dream Coffret set
    Purple 4U
    Green P's
    Green IDL
    Green 4U+
    Green ID
    Green Plus Color
    Blue Plus Color
    Tamagotchi P's Pierces:
    - Dream to Change
    - Baby Change
    - Dream Coffret
    - Aikatsu
    - Baby Change
    - Namekonfunfu

    ID Station Home Deka
    Blue Home Deka

    Digimon V1 (Yellow and Blue)

    Hoppe Chan - Frosting Swirl

    2 green Morino Cases
    4U faceplate + dozens of handmade
    2 Morino Cases
    1 Angel Gotch case
    Handmade Devil gotchi cases (Halves)
    An army of Tamagotchi P's pierces, mainly Wall-e and Eve.
    2 tamagotchi watches
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    Tamagotchi P's - soo cute!!
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    P's - Green

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  1. - ARGH my Devil case is driving me insane!! WHY DONT YOU JUST WORK ALREADY!! -