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  1. Not sure how to upload images directly onto this post, so if you don't mind following the links above you can see what I have made!
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to revisit my old post, however found that it has been locked out due to inactivity. Not sure if you remember this post from about 4 years ago where I was attempting to make Tamagotchi P's replica hearts? WELL!! I HAVE NEWS!!! Check these out!!
  3. Have revisited my Tamagotchi P's cap project and have had amazing success! Read my blog post to see images!

  4. Im so sad, my IDLE is starting to show signs of sun damage. *weeps*

    1. JesterxLady


      I've noticed recently that some of the silver is wearing off of my iD LE. ='(

  5. I have a whole post about this ( unfortunately I haven't posted in a while so its now been locked), It has proven incredibly difficult to make a silicone replica, however through a lot of trial and error (I mean alot of trial and error, like a year working on and off) I have finally managed to get mine to work. It was hard but totally worthwhile in the end! Just keep at it! It is completely possible, but I have no idea about the electrical part of it though
  6. Can't decide if I should get a Cheeks Chan or not. They just look so cute!!

    1. SailorRosette


      They are very cute.

  7. Im all about making custom pierces and 4U faceplates at the moment! :D

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    2. Kayleykitty


      Custom pierces? :o

    3. cherryxz


      I think she/he meant something like the gashapon caps?

    4. ISmileBecauseImStrange


      Yup like the caps! :D Im so happy they're all working now (no tech in them, just decorative) (Changed my pic, I has Wall-e In mine now)



  8. - ARGH my Devil case is driving me insane!! WHY DONT YOU JUST WORK ALREADY!! -

  9. I wanna know what company people use to buy from japan. If anyone uses them from the UK even better! I wanna buy so much but am afraid to due to customs + shipping etc

  10. - Well my first pull of my Devil case worked well. Unfortunately my Resin has gone off and isn't setting but meh, new stuff tomorrow! :D -

  11. - I have a new secret project coming up soon, if all goes to plan, this thing is gonna be awesome! -

  12. Mines neutral I think.. I have white wallpaper with multi coloured shapes, inc stars with glow in the dark around them (haven't decorated since I was about 8), I have white furniture, and a black IKEA craft table, but then I have my paintings of Chucky and Invader Zim on the walls so.. I dunno its more of a craft room than bedroom..
  13. You've got a group of friends, aren't you already a "clique"? I thought it was just a group of friends?
  14. Hello all! Right I think I have got this cap thing sorted now, not in the material I wanted, but hey ho! Im using resin, so its pretty customisable, however it does dry pretty hard, so it wouldn't be a one for one replacement cap to the one that comes as standard in the P's however its a great alternative! You'll hear it click into place as you put it in, and give it a wee wiggle and it pops back out again! So! If anyone would like to have their own custom cap, drop me a message and we can work out a deal! Thankyou for watching! ISBIS xx
  15. Updated my post about handmade Tamagotchi P's heart caps :D

  16. I have tried to make some characters into the cap, my picture was one attempt, unfortunately I made Turtletchi too thick so it sits too far forward and it looks too awkward Will try again when I have more time
  17. Hello hello!! Sorry for not really updating this very much! Been in inventing mode, trying to suss out a magical formula to get these ruddy caps working!! Well! Ive temporarily given up with making silicone moulds as I've annoyingly managed to tear my real silicone heart that came with my P's in half so until I can fix that, I cant make any moulds. (BOOOO!!!) However, due to curiosity, I thought I would retry my resin hearts I made previously, as I don't particularly want the chip exposed in my P's whilst I figure this all out. I gave it a wee wiggle, and hey presto! It fits! Weird aye? The things I made right at the beginning worked! Well.. I say worked.. I wedged it in, it is rather stiff to get in and our so I will sand down the sides and make sure it is a nice fit and wont get stuck on my Tama. So below are the pictures of my purple, sparkley glow-in-the-dark cap in action (yet to be sanded) Once I have got this to fit nicely, I shall make yet another mould to get this darn thing perfected, Im hoping after this one, It should have been solved and I can use either silicone or resin to make them.. could experiment and combine the silicone and resin together.. hmm.. nono.. wont work.. or maybe.. okay I'll stop day dreaming now and get back to sanding! Will keep this updated as Im quite excited with the results! ISBIS xx
  18. - Devastated, I've torn my Green P's Heart cap in half. And my moulds aren't working to make new ones. *cries*