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  1. why are p's so expensive??

    1. Jhud


      Not produced anymore+they're in high demand because due to fan content they got popular. Plus it got a full english patch which some people find important

  2. I want new tamas...

    1. AnniChu


      Me too, I'm thinking of getting a v4

  3. Hoping it will be a success, so it will come to my country. It has been ages since I bought a Tama from a toy store.
  4. I always have good ideas to carry tamas around! On my school uniform's jacket, I made an inside-pocket that serves me well to take tamas to school!
  5. Never. not even in class. Always had it sound-off, on clock screen on my desk, so the teachers tought it was a pocket watch. So, when they turned away, I played with it. My friends didn't care about me having tamas (one of them even helped me take care of it!) so I was ok those days! I don't take my tamas to school anymore since I got a small (but annoying) scratch on my iD L screen . But maybe when I start my V3 again, I will take it to school no doubts!
  6. I'm the only one among my Family&Friends, but they know it. I am 14, and brought it to school to show my tamas to my friends. They know and don't care, but I wish they collected too (so they could give me one on my birthday ). But they don't. No one thinks I've grown out of it, soooo... I'm okay with it. Hey, MametchiWarrior! Great you started that topic again!
  7. hi, I have an iD L with a Lovelitchi, but after 48 hours she didn't get the fourth stamp. I already gave everything that makes she happy, but she didn't get it yet. what must I do?
  8. COLOR TAMAS FTW!!!111!!!!!!!!1

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MametchiWarrior


      Im getting one!!!


    3. bunbutchi


      OMG YESSSSS!!!111!!!!eleven!!!!!11111!!!oneoneone!!!!!!

    4. MametchiWarrior



  9. I will buy a P's, sooner than soon.

  10. Hi!

    1. mametchi♫Tama-go


      I luv color tamas! I guess you too xD

    2. yukiyuna


      Hi there! I just recently got the 4U but now I don't think I can go back to the grayscale tamas, I absolutely do love them!! Which one do you have?

    3. mametchi♫Tama-go


      Tama-go (x2), Tama v3. My other one is an iD L.