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  1. I am raising Terupotchi (toddler) on my P's at the moment and i noticed that everytime i go to the status menu her personality element has changed, which is weird cause i only let her play with the clapboard and feed her with Bento, so she should be "Charismatic" (the star symbol). But EVERY TIME i go to the menu there's a different symbol. At first it only switched between "Style" and "Charisma" but suddenly there's "Strength", "Intelligence" and "Gourmet" too. I own this tama for about 2y now. I'm worried that it's kinda broken or going crazy or something. So my question is: is that normal or is it a glitch???
  2. my tamagotchi "meme" just went to bed....zzZZ hope you had a good day!

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      You named them meme? That's amazing