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  1. TacticalMaster

    Tamagotchi Channel Updated its Character Page

    A little return to the classics huh. Interesting.
  2. TacticalMaster

    New Tamagotchi Planet feature on TMGC Channel

    This sure gives me a lowdown of the world! And I noticed the bottom design came from the Yuna and Mai show. I even saw Apollotchi on the loading icon. I also noticed that the design of the town is still blue-lined and as if they're from the Tamagotchi Connection series (2004). Guess they were too lazy to redub the town design? Ha ha.
  3. TacticalMaster

    Who's your favorite sibling Tamagotchi?

    Okay, I choose Lovesoratchi. Because he's the only coolest little boy I could choose. Tailing in second, are the Chibipatchis.
  4. TacticalMaster

    Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town

    Wow, maybe they need a better marketing strategy next time...?
  5. TacticalMaster

    Which plushie should I get?

    You should get that Ura Violetchi. After all, we're in the future already! And Ura...is in the waaaay past. And, possibly take a picture of that plushie and post on the wiki. XD
  6. TacticalMaster

    Favorite TF character from each class?

    How about me? Performers: Kiraritchi Beauticians: Yukinotchi Robots: Mametchi Musicians: Pianitchi Chefs: Kuchipatchi Sewing: Amiamitchi Pet stylists: Gotchimotchi Others: Wagassiertchi
  7. TacticalMaster

    (Rumor) Color Tamagotchi US release?

    If they are going to make a color Tamagotchi, what would they put in it? Original Tamagotchi's? Maybe...but the fact is I haven't seen anymore new Tamagotchi characters being created. Makes me think they don't want to take any more risks expanding their roster even further and develop the universe/franchise. Do you think we're just going to stick with the Dream Town characters? Maybe still sticking with the characers when Yumemitchi and Kiararitchi were still around? Because after all, we can't just go on far ahead. It's just that, we're the ones who need to catch up with the overall lore of the current Tamagotchi universe.
  8. TacticalMaster

    (Rumor) Color Tamagotchi US release?

    Kinda ironic how those two were successful, especially when they were aimed at toddlers. But you know how much money it takes to make color screens, right? Just like making a widescreen TV?
  9. TacticalMaster

    (Rumor) Color Tamagotchi US release?

    If you'd expect the retail price to be over $40 (I even still believe that), then what was the retail price of the 4U's in Japan? Maybe the prices would be comparable. (And perhaps an ideal way to tell the 'expensive' yen pricing...)
  10. TacticalMaster

    Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town

    They're making progress. I'm kinda impressed.
  11. TacticalMaster

    Characters you keep forgetting the names of

    It's almost like remembering Pokemon names. I won't be able to forget the mascot Tamagotchi characters, including the overlooked mascots Violetchi, Gozarutchi, Chamametchi, and Makiko. But, I might be having a hard time remembering the vintage ones, since we're waaaaay past their generation... But I won't be able to forget Dream Town characters.
  12. TacticalMaster

    Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town

    Do show us when you're gonna, SailorRosette. Cause I'm really lost here because of an unannounced product. And I really could use some solid proof by now.
  13. I've been thinking... Have you all ever wondered if every vintage Tamagotchis on the online market will dwindle and disappear, FOREVER? I've seen lots of people here enjoy trying to collect Tamagotchis and I think it's become on the rise. I don't know how much of the virtual pets that Tamagotchi produced but I am betting it might not be enough to support the "1 billion" human population, if there are ever that many Tamagotchi collectors around the world. If you ask me, I may assume there will be a point in the future where the vintage Tamagotchis available online will eventually dwindle because of dead collectors, collector freaks, or people who just forget about it after getting it on impulse or whatever, meaning that those are now a lost cause and subtracts one for the count of all the total Tamagotchis available. Bandai's pretty much looking into the future and abandoning the past. I'd say they prefer to do new things for the sake of keeping their company alive so they'd try to keep satisfying the world. So I guess they wouldn't have any interest attracting nostalgic consumers. Well although...Tamagotchi Angel did had a rerelease and it was just roughly a year lived. (I dunno how the people felt about it.) So what would you think would happen if those classic Tamagotchis are no longer obtainable? Cause once all those last few vintage Tamagotchis are no more, you could say bye bye to Tamagotchi nostalgia because that's the last Tamagotchi collected by another aspiring collector. What would you do next then after that happens? Or, you think Bandai may have plans to help out on those who wish to travel back on the Tama-WABAC? (Heh heh heh...)
  14. TacticalMaster

    Any TF characters you like/dislike?

    I kinda like Kiraritchi, Harptchi, Karakutchi, and Righttchi. I wish they have Yukinotchi too in it. She's actually my top favorite female Dream Town character. Dunno what I dislike though.
  15. TacticalMaster

    Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town

    That may be true, but are there any official proof or visual evidence they're even really released? (...It's just that I'm a nut for consistency.)