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    I have a blue tamagotchi friend and a vmigo.
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    I have a running Vmigo and Tamagotchi friends.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Zhu zhu pets are back, and they also have a new line called "The Amazing Zhus" where they can do little magic tricks and you put a card up to them and they do something "magical". I used to collect them so im excited.
  3. I can't comment on your most recent post but I think a tama LINE group chat would be better! LINE is so much cuter >w

    1. clo6701


      Yes! Thats so true

  4. Who likes the idea of a tama kik group?

  5. Hi guys im back, i was really busy with life in general and school, so i was thinking of making a kik group fpr tamagotchis and other virtual pets, so we wouldn't have to wait for a new topic we just talk whenever, who thinks this is a good idea?-
  6. Read Part one of the last chapter of For One Day In My Life! Thanks for reading!

  7. I emailed Bandai to figure out when the offical release date was because from Toy wiz and some other sites saying July, Specifically July 11th, But from what Bandai says September is problably when they are coming to shelves.
  8. Thank you all for the postive feedback on For One Day In My Life, I accept any feedback you choose to give and use it to make the story better, so please send in feedback! Thanks!

  9. Read my newest chapter of : For One Day In My Life, To find out where Carmella is and who is the shadow!

  10. Read my newest chapter of For one day in my life! Thank you!

  11. Bump connect you to me! Full of surprises Tamagotchi!

  12. Tama talk is fun!

  13. Tama talk is fun!