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  1. Thanks for answers, That helped me a lot. I didn't even think they could be food items. That camera thing worked, had to wait a while, but then could take a photo. the animation thing I was wondering just because my meets seems to do it WAY more often than my M!X.
  2. Hey everyone, I just got my tamagotchi meets pastel ver and I love it, I have few things, that I don't really know what they are for, why they are and where to find. I bought couple things from Tama hotel shop (Coin, something that looks like letter and tea set) but they aren't in my inventory, what's with that? Then another one is, that I can't find anyone talking about the inventory's "special" menu having camera item, but when I try to use it, the servant tamagotchi says something, but nothing else happens. Then last one, though it might just be comsetic, quite often, after doing something, my tama plays an extended animation. Either some eco triplet-looking tamas bring couple of eggs, where another one gets stolen, and tama runs after it to a flower bush, and there peeks two bunnies. Another one is, that a petal falls down and then my tama runs outside to a huge cherry-tree. If ther's something more to them, I'd appreciate the tips. Otherwise I've been having fun with my tama, and waiting for her to grow more
  3. Hey, I just got my Tamatgotchi Meets Pastel myself and I found an guide while googling something, according to it, one location needs two connections to unlock (I think it was called sports plaza), other ones don't need connections according to that guide. They said that if you have just a mix or one other Meets, you can do the reset-trick to unlock it (connect other tama, then reset it and connect it again, counts as different connections). My Tama is still so early in play, that I can't at the moment be much more of help, since she's teen stage now, and most of location things need at least adulthood to unlock. Tama hotel got unlocked right away, don't know exactly what I did, but it appeared while I explored the menus. I hope this helped you even a little.
  4. I got the pink one from my friend as souvenir, when he was in Japan recently. He said he got mine from Tamadepa in Harajuku. I also got one frontal plate and the little tamagotchi candy dispenser. Now I need to get aikatsu touch card and a gemmed lanyard in some point (I have lanyard now anyways, but the gemmed one would look so cute.) Also the color is metallic pink on the one I have. if there is gallery thread of your owned 4u's I can snap a picture and post it
  5. thankyou! That also explains when I went to restaurant, he came up and there was huge plate of free food
  6. Just now, happened something random, I haven't seen in videos or read about anywhere yet. My Sumatochi was chilling, and then my P's made a noise, when I looked it had letter, then it oppened and there was this big heart background, the card had cake picture on it, and sumatochi stood in center of it with hearts flying around and text "Happy Happy" . Then he said something (but since I don't know japanese, I have no idea what) the card closed and all was normal again.