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  1. first I got pinkbotchi then petithanatchi then painuputchi and lastly Harptchi I always had hunger and happy bar filled and only a quarter of bff points and by the time it was Harptchi she was 50lb
  2. Today, Sunday 16th March, It was my Harptchi's (Spring) 6th birthday which meant, she could get married. So I took her to the date place/Matchmaker to get her married the tamas that were there where Spacytchi, Monakatchi and Mametchi so thinking that Mametchi was over rated I picked Monakatchi (not spacytchi because my friend got her tamagotchi married to Spacytchi) so they did the kissing animation and it cut straight to the egg so when it hatched there was a celebration,the parents stayed. The next morning i woke up to see Samantha (The baby) crying and the parents had disappeared...there was only one thing...Monakatchi had murdered Spring and ran off with the baby's shout of alarm.
  3. Need a tamagotchi case anyone selling?

    1. TamaMum


      Our tbay forum is the place to check - all buying and selling takes place in tbay (site rules) ;)

    2. oddsandendswithlove


      what type of case cause i can crochet them ^.^ and i do custom orders <3

    3. Carol_tama


      I have a selling topic with 'Tamagotchis and more' and you can find lots of cases there ;)