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  1. First of all, thank you 2pVaporeon for liking my last post! Well, little Yume evolved into a Paletchi not too long ago! I paused the time so i was busy which sadly delayed the evolution Welll there will definently be more tomorrow, just not too much happened today! You all are still awesome! ~Dreamtalia~
  2. Hi everybody! This is my first log, as you can see. Well to the point I have a pink English iDL, which has just recently been reset due to reasons xD aaaaaanyways, i had an egg which hatched into a little girl, a Choribotchi, who i named Yume. I fed her rice and candy then took her to the park. :3 nothing much happened after that, except she got sick -.-ll Well she should evolve soon, so ill update when she does! If you read this, then thanks! ~Dreamtalia~
  3. Hmm.... I have a Tamagotchi iDL-E also, but i dont know why she isnt reacting to it. Maybe try again once you have the fourth happy symbol, if you dont already have it? Try doing it different days, or try different times, who knows! I remember a long time ago i had Shigurehimetchi, but have had many other tamas since then, and just recently reset. I dont remember having that as a happy symbol, but it more than likely is considering thats the only thing you find if you google it or do research. I hope this gets resolved soon, good luck!
  4. Since this said comments okay, I would like to say that I've been watching your log for a bit now, and I just want to say its probably my favourite out of them all! It's really long, interesting, and never gets boring like a few I know xD but thanks for keeping this log, it's amazing to say the least! Well that's about it, thank you!