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  1. I'm not even insulting Ariana Grande, I only said Baby I is not good for the Tamagotchi anime, you're confusing hate with opinion, you know what?I'm leaving TamaTalk, so goodbye

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    2. furbitchi


      You don't need to chuck a tantrum everytime someone challenges your ideal to give you a different view of a situation you seem to always take opinions different to yours as an attack on you.

    3. *Hayden*


      I bet u wil come back


    4. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Who are you talking about? yourself? ouo'

  2. I can't even believe Ariana Grande made an ending song for Go-Go Tamagotchi, I love the animations (original trio for the win) but...the song doesn't describe the series at all, it's like MLP FIM Japanese ending song.At this point I want the Dream5 back @_@

  3. Yesterday I downloaded Nico Nico Douga on my smartphone, so I searched for Tamagotchi (written in Japanese) and I found a video with a Korean title.It was the official Korean opening.I was almost crying and I didn't know there was a Korean dub, and I always aked to myself before why there's no Korean dub, since Tamagotchi is that kind of anime perfect for Korea.Tamagotchi started to air in South Korea in July. I watched PreCure openings and endings in Korean and I watched some clips to like transformations, I loved PreCure in Korean, but something I didn't like is the Koreanization, because names get changed and everything written in Japanese is remade in Korean.But guess what?The Korean Tamagotchi dub is really good, the names are in Japanese, because Mametchi, when the Connection was first released in Korea his name was Kkomkkomtchi (꼼꼼치), but now he's Mametchi like anywhere else. Dreamietchi and Dazzlitchi are even called called Ikementchi and Racequeentchi like in Japanese. And Ms. Perfect leaf?Still in Japanese, as you can see in this video I know most things in the series is written in English, but this is really good, and Hapihapitchi in Korean makes me scream everytime, she's so cute!I was only a bit disappointed for Uwasatchi's voice, but still cute and good for her age, it's surely a good dub, one of the greatest tv anime Korean dubs, because Ghibli Korean dubs are NOT Koreanized, but since they're movies not originally intended for tv. Tamagotchi is also gender neutral in South Korea, I didn't find a Korean CM for the iD L (yes, the iD L is available in South Korea, since summer 2013), but this commercial, made for both the anime and the iD L, is really well done. I don't know if they'll release some gadgets, but since Bandai Korea released PreCure eletronic toys, like the Card Commune, in English, I hope they'll release an English Tama Profy, I will surely buy one. Ok, I love Korean dubs, I love Tamagotchi and this is AWESOME, now I only need an Italian dub. I hope they'll dub Yume Kira Dream, Miracle Friends and Go-Go in the future, anyway the movies and the Let's Go series are not available in Korean, but Japanese movies usually get Korean theatrical releases, so maybe someday the movies will be dubbed.
  4. Did you know it?There's a Korean Tamagotchi dub! *^* awesome!Search 다마고치 on niconico douga and you can find the Korean opening! *Q*

    1. ~DreamButterfly~


      I watched a few episodes of the anime while in Korea.

  5. ...the Nintendo Letterbox isn't available anymore?!Let's make a petition :'( all my pictures...all my letters...lost....if I make a downgrade can I get them back?Now how can I comunicate with my friends who aren't on FB?...Nintendo is awful...Iwata ruined it...I'm crying...Iwata is a....Isis should kill him

    1. Tamacass


      Hooray now he has passed away happy now?

  6. The new Go-Go Tamagotchi opening is much better than the Hitomi version, finally something catchy and not extra slow, but where can I listen to the new ending?I can't find it anywhere

    1. furbitchi


      It's on youtube if you watch any of the episodes or you could just listen to the original version if baby i

    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan
  7. I got wifi!Now I can watch Tamagotchi on my tv with the Youtube Wii channel, like 1 year ago *-*

  8. Can't wait for Jaws 19 lol

  9. 5 years ago the first episode of Tamagotchi! aired on TV Tokyo. After 5 years still no English subs, and is the only TV Tokyo anime not available with subtitles, because subbers subbed unknown kids shows like Jewelpet and Aikatsu, but not Tamagotchi

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    2. IluvAnime25


      I wish someone would sub them!

    3. Anny Biondi

      Anny Biondi

      Think about it, Jewelpet it's a toy franchise which never debuted in the US, while there's even a new English Tamagotchi.Subbing Tamagotchi it's not meaningless like subbing Jewelpet, Jewelpet was unknown in Italy before the first series aired, and before that teams started to sub the sequels, this isn't meaningless, I know there are Jewelpet English fans, but Tamagotchi is more popular in English countries

    4. Anny Biondi

      Anny Biondi

      But I remember Bandai JP subbing Let's Go Tamagotchi 2008 episodes, since they were an internet exclusive, they should do the same with the 2009 series, but not for free since it's a tv series.

      Better than nothing.

  10. That's bad that in other countries (Spain included) some tv shows for kids and teenagers talk about the Tamagotchi Friends while in Italy nobody does...this is why the Friends is not selling well here...

  11. Still don't have mine, but since some people already have it, now I know something. At first I was disappointed Then, with people getting a 4U before its release date I was excited Then again disappointed. The people who got a 4U before its release date never told to us a 4U's pro and cons, but Eternal Mametchi Fan did it, and it has more cons. She tried about 20 times to connect and she did it only twice. No pets. No seeds. Few destinations. Only 4 clothes and 4 accesories. And I think something more. I think infrared is better at this point, a Tamagotchi don't need to connect to a phone to be fun, so putting NFC to make an smartphone doesn't support both NFC and ifrared anyway, but infrared connectors for computers are less pricey than NFC ones. So.... 1) Very disappointed 2) Tamagotchi P's 3) downloadable characters 4) only 10 built in characters 5) I don't know. I'll not buy a 4U at this point, let's wait for 2016 when Bandai will release a new version. I was right, Tamagotchi can be extra girly but fun, but it can be also unisex but less fun than a girly one. Hope you'll enjoy your 4Us, but I'll not buy one. In my opinion, P's has more features, more characters, pierces where you can get more characters, games and even transformations. Making toddlers able to wear accessories, great, but it's not an awesome feature. School: maybe on the 4U there are more activities, but it can make it better than the P's. I prefer the P's and it's one fo my fav. Ok. The iD has only 11 characters, but it's about 5 years old, and the new anime has more main characters, very disappointes Candy Pakupaku is NOT downloadable, but Kikitchi, a character that still have to speak in the series, does. (don't hate me, Kikitchi is one of my fav characters). Anyway the iD has more content than a 4U, and it can even download more stuff and games. The Plus Color has no downloadable content, but it's first color version and is almost 6.It has more than 2 mini games, the characters are few, but it's the first color version, and there was no anime, so the main characters where only Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi (the original trio), and also Kikitchi and Chamametchi, anyway, the most important characters like Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi Kikitchi, Violetchi, Makiko and Kuromametchi are in the +Color. The second movie debuted a month later than the Plus Color, and it has even Uki Uki Seeds, and Hapihapi fruits, like in the movie. So, I think it's even better to buy an iD or a Plus Color instead of a 4U.
  12. Bandai, why don't you make something more for Tamagotchi's 18th anniversary like you're doing with Sailor Moon, Precure, Ojamajo Doremi and Digimon? Not so much stuff, but I'd like adult shirts (vintage and modern) and the vintage anime and short on DVD, and possibly vintage characters gashapon toys and plushies...

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    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I hope they're planning something awesome

    3. SailorRosette


      Like the all stars or new stage... That'd be neat. Atleast working with tamas would be easier then however many precure there are now. Lol.

    4. amarie


      Oh my gosh that would be awesome!

  13. PPGZ' English dub is not faithful to the Japanese one, they changed the BGM, the names, and Tokyo is called New Townsville, this is why it has English subs...and I don't understand why, because Tamagotchi anime fans are even more, PPGZ failed in Japan too, it had no gadgets, no figures, no toy, except for the McDonald's one (they made various Happy Meal toys for various regions), there's only a videogame and a CD about that anime, and, of course, DVDs...some gadgets like dolls made by Simba, and even magazines, were available in 2010 in Spain, but the series failed in Japan and worldwide. Few people actually enjoyed that series, and most original PPG fans hate it. I don't understand how everything for kids is subbed (Jewelpet, Doraemon, Pokemon) but not Tamagotchi...I mean, Tamagotchi toys were available in other countries, while Jewelpet toys were released in few countries and it failed in Europe, Doraemon started to air in the USA some months ago, so explain me why...
  14. I know about that, sere the voice actors the same of the first movie? Anyway, I'm talking about SUBS= subtitles. Why can't someone sub it?It'd easy if you know the language, there are even Powerpuff Girls Z English subbed episodes, the awful Powerpuff Girls' Japanese remake...I don't understand....after 5 years the Tamagotchi anime still unsubbed...I don't understand why someone can't sub the second movie only.... @Myiko Look for Tamagoshi, you can't find it if you search Tamagotchi