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    Mario Biondi, Tamagotchi, [re:jazz], jazz and soul music, animation, videogames, my teacher, Giangian, gettin money

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    Magenta P1
    Pink Connexion V1
    White P's
    Mametchi star P's cap
    Berry Sweets, Anniversary chage and Yumemiru change Pierces
    Royal Purple iD L 15th anniversary ver.
    Green iD
    Kuchipatchi plush (not arrived yet)
    White Mame Game 2
    Tamagotchi Nano Passion Fruit
    Yellow Japanese P2 and blue with pink numbers Japanese P1 (got them from a lot, for trade or sell)
    White Hexagontchi
    Orange Plus Color
    White Morino
    White Angelgotchi
    Black Tama-Go
    Tamagotchi Video Adventures VHS
    Party On
    Tamagotchi Collection
    Kuchipatchi and Mametchi Gotchi Gear Charms
    Mametchi charm
    Tamatomo straps Chara Cole ver and Character ver
    Tamagotchi the movie (Italian and English)
    Tamagotchi happiest story in the universe (French)
    Tama-Go dvd
    Tamagotchi 2007 JAL plush bag
    Chamametchi Famitama plush case
    Mametchi Tamatomo Pouch (not arrived yet)
    Mametchi, Memetchi and Violetchi Happy Meal toys
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    P's, iD L 15th anniversary, +Color, iD, Angelgotchi, Morino
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    Mario Biondi (lol), Kuchipatchi, Telelin, Marutchi, Kikitchi, Lovelitchi, Yumemitchi, Hapihapitchi, Chamametchi, Zatchi
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    Angelgotchi, Morino, Nano iD L

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  1. That's bad that in other countries (Spain included) some tv shows for kids and teenagers talk about the Tamagotchi Friends while in Italy nobody does...this is why the Friends is not selling well here...