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    Naples, Italy
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    Mario Biondi, Tamagotchi, [re:jazz], jazz and soul music, animation, videogames, my teacher, Giangian, gettin money

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    Magenta P1
    Pink Connexion V1
    White P's
    Mametchi star P's cap
    Berry Sweets, Anniversary chage and Yumemiru change Pierces
    Royal Purple iD L 15th anniversary ver.
    Green iD
    Kuchipatchi plush (not arrived yet)
    White Mame Game 2
    Tamagotchi Nano Passion Fruit
    Yellow Japanese P2 and blue with pink numbers Japanese P1 (got them from a lot, for trade or sell)
    White Hexagontchi
    Orange Plus Color
    White Morino
    White Angelgotchi
    Black Tama-Go
    Tamagotchi Video Adventures VHS
    Party On
    Tamagotchi Collection
    Kuchipatchi and Mametchi Gotchi Gear Charms
    Mametchi charm
    Tamatomo straps Chara Cole ver and Character ver
    Tamagotchi the movie (Italian and English)
    Tamagotchi happiest story in the universe (French)
    Tama-Go dvd
    Tamagotchi 2007 JAL plush bag
    Chamametchi Famitama plush case
    Mametchi Tamatomo Pouch (not arrived yet)
    Mametchi, Memetchi and Violetchi Happy Meal toys
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    P's, iD L 15th anniversary, +Color, iD, Angelgotchi, Morino
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Mario Biondi (lol), Kuchipatchi, Telelin, Marutchi, Kikitchi, Lovelitchi, Yumemitchi, Hapihapitchi, Chamametchi, Zatchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    Angelgotchi, Morino, Nano iD L

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About Me



A Christmas song... <3

As you can see I really really love Mario Biondi!! x3

I sleep with my handmade Mario plushie every night!

I listen to Mario since I was 12.

Oh well, I like Tamagotchis too, this is why I'm on this website.

My old account was TamAmore, but I don't remember my password anymore :/ oh well, I like the name Anny Biondi more than TamAmore!

My long journey with Tamagotchis started when I was a really little kid, I had a P1 first and later a V1.

I have 4 nieces and I hope they will like Tamagotchis like me, eheh.

My first color Tama was the P's.

I own various Tamagotchi stuff and my collection is getting bigger.

I'm shy but friendly, I'm very emotional and I cry really often..

I love getting cuddles from a guy I know, he's called Gianluca and he loves me.

He's not my boyfriend, he's an adult, he started to love me when he noticed I'm really calm for my age, I'm quite lonely.I'm gentle, shy but at the same time friendly, I get really shy with him.He's really important for me, just like Mario is (of course).

I really like jazz music and videogames, especially Kirby, Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble...long list.

Wish list:

Blue and/or purple iD L shells (shell swapping for Princess Spacy, if you have a not working blue or purple iD L please PM me, in good conditions, don't care if the screen has lots of scratches)

iD L Princess Spacy

iD Lovely Melody

iD Station

Nano ver 1



Keitai Akai (any design unisex/boyish design)




Royal Famitama


Scarlet Melody and Rock City Music Star


American Blue Dalmatian Tamagotchi Friends

Red gem European Tamagotchi Friends

Pierces (except Funghi, Anniversary, Yumemiru, Berry Sweets)

Tama-Go figures