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    villager-kun, skype, tumblr, ac:nl, vaporwave, twitter, o ya

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    i have a connevtion (i think that's what it is) that is a sakura type that i got from a hospice (found in playroom lel) white and pink music star BROKEN! pearly pink tamagotchi connection BROKEN!, tama-go BROKEN, broken tama go, starry night V3, blue iD
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  1. i was on tumblr and i saw a pic of a plush covered in tamagotchis and i was like "hm maybe i should search them up" and then i found tamatalk now I'm here. also i saw a commercial for a tama-go and i was like 'YOOOOOO" and i couldn't stop talking about it then i bought one and threw it on the floor because it wouldn't poop
  2. screaming. i am obsessed with screaming. also snapping my fingers.
  3. where do u live I'm a huge weeb and cant wait for stuff to arrive in the mail :^o
  4. annoying my crush when we Skype by saying "gluten free". he HATES that because a vine with a guy saying gluten free almost killed him this summer (he could barely breathe because he was coughing a lot and his friend showed him the vine and he laughed so hard he almost died).
  5. oh noooooo this just in: I'm thirsty for a guy from tumblr and we're good friends
  6. that feel when ur dvd player finally works so u can watch those anime dvds u been meaning to watch also i met the coolest guy ever
  7. my walls r orange and i have clothes everywhere, a 2 whole shelves filled with manga, anime dvds, anime/japanese stuff, etc. also my hamster is stinking up the whole room. i have a cork board covered in anime things, an OTGW comic, and some other stuff. i also have plants on a shelf on my wall. its so-so
  8. my brother keeps saying "four scored square can u spare me a square" and its really funny
  9. when ur parents make u go to school even tho its causing u severe anxiety and causing u to self harm :^) 10/10 parenting!!!!
  10. people who dont take gore on tumblr like please s t o p
  11. i can eat a whole tub of ice cream in 2 days
  12. ads. on my laptop, i click on ONE THING and an ad in another tab comes up and a window for an ad pops up. I DOWNLOADED ONE N64 EMULATOR....