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  1. that’s what’s confusing me. it looks normal again haha! i put it in rice for the time being. i’m just worried about permanent damage because my v5 broke over time, starting with a distorted rainbow looking screen. thanks for the suggestion!
  2. you guys! i am so confused. i took the battery out yesterday and put the tama on my dresser so i could look for a solution. the screen looked the same, all rainbow-y and distorted. this morning it looks like this! https://imgur.com/gallery/Lf8lOll what is happening?? a user on reddit thought it could be moisture and suggested that i put it in rice, so i’m gonna let it sit for the rest of the day and try again tomorrow. hoping i can figure this out!
  3. the picture on the left is after having played it for a few hours. i’ll try replacing the battery but i think it’s a problem with the screen itself!
  4. Hi! I purchased a new in package entama from Japanyouwant and it came in the mail today! unfortunately after a few hours the screen is looking really funny and the device randomly reset while i was viewing a menu. I’ve seen a screen like this on my v.5 tamagotchi, and the resetting eventually got so bad that I got frustrated and threw the whole device away. this time I figured i’d ask and see if this is something I can fix. Can anyone help me? here is a picture of the screen now vs when i first pulled the tama out of the box. https://imgur.com/gallery/GEYdmt5
  5. have been waiting fifteen plus minutes to receive the gift after having put the code in at the fortune tellers :/ very sad.
  6. y'all i just bought two keitais on ebay for 25$ and im living my best life

  7. ugh i wish i had more time for tamas these days, high school is killing me

  8. life is extra hard these days so i started up my v4.5 to go through it all with me

    1. AnniChu


      Yeah, my Tama has really helped my forget a lot of the stress in my life because I'm too busy looking after an adorable little pixel creature. :)

  9. My Uncle Raced Donut, Our Cat MISSILE
  10. you guys my TMGC+C came in and im in love

  11. Happy Birthday, TamaTalk! I would be so lost without you

  12. Got a good deal on a NEW +Color, I'm ECSTATIC.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Doobytchi66


      I have been getting all of its special happy items while it is still baby, makes it easy.

    3. Hapihapitchi


      Awesome, seems like a fun tama! How much was it?

    4. tamapalace


      love the classic TMGC+C

  13. i NEED the plus color- but even the used ones are so expensive :(

  14. its so hard to get a bad care character on the angelgotchi, I only fed my toddler one pie and he still turned into the good care teen -.-

    1. psychotama


      it's true. you have to literally ignore its existence the whole time it's Maruten. It's tough

    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Same, I recorded giving my Maruten 15 care mistakes, keeping it at around 1-2 full hearts, and it still turned into Kodoten. Now I have the twins and I might have to reset them for the Summer hatch (they are getting annoying, anyway).