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  1. heyo im deciding to get some custom stuff on my tama p's and i was wondering if there's anything on amazon that's a irda usb dongle that works on p's? probably that's not too expensive to buy!
  2. cooking mama 4 and spongebob squgglepants
  3. should we add premier membership? like you can use the premier membership to unlock or more things?
  4. this is my ichirochi sprite normal talking more to come!
  5. i seen people on youtube is using tamagotchi p's and ID L because it's so many thing to do.And the good part is the pierce you can unlock in-pierce like games,stuff,food,accessories and more! these are the color you can get. and my sis have a ID L it's really good but it had missing content like flare.exe said. and ID L had a japanese and english versions i recommend to buy a amazon because it's more safer because i buy my tamagotchi p's there (if you want there to buy.)
  6. I was curious when i saw a card.When i got to the resturant have foods for free.
  7. hi guys i was wandering to make a totoro hat.can i make one?for download? and send it to p's....what i gonna use/ should be jpg. or all file? my tamagotchi p's my tamagotchi id l oh i forgot can i have a template for the hat?
  8. i can't play breaks on my tamagotchi at before school...
  9. hey guy i'm new here so i need you to answer this: i am in school monday - friday so i cant care for my tama i can set my time but my time in school is 6:00 - 5:00 so i cant set time ethier so can you help me (HEAVY BRETHING CAT) so plz help me _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .:GALAXY ARE MILKY WAYS:.
  10. Wow good idea when I got my tama I will do that thanz for that thiing