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  1. Meg&Dia

    time travel?

    Nope. It just resets the time, and it allows you to see special events (like seeing an Christmas animation), and also seeing the Eco Triplets. You can't speed it up, really, because there's something inside the Tamagotchi that makes sure you can't do any major 'time travel' with it. If it's a Tamagotchi v1 to 3, you can speed it up by debugging (hacking) the Tama, which is easy, but that depends on if you think it's right. Bye!!
  2. Meg&Dia


    Well, it depends if you're comfortable with bending school rules. If so, there are plenty of things you can do, such as switching to the time screen and saying it's a watch. However, if you don't want to do this, you can of course still pause the Tamagotchi and play it whenever you can, and you can change the time to suit your needs. Also, if it's a Tamagotchi Friends or a Tama-Go, it might be safe just feeding it LOADS at the start of the morning and then just leaving it running until 5:00, but you may get low care characters. I wish you good luck!!
  3. It doesn't match any models of Tamagotchi and I'm fairly sure that egg sequence was never there, so I'm afraid that looks like a fake, just a knock-off. If it's a nice knock-off, you can keep it if you like it! However, if you don't trust that it is fake, please look at the back. If it's really fake, it probably won't say Bandai, unless the makers are really cheeky. Sorry if you're disappointed, but I'm glad that you got it for free - Imagine paying for it, thinking it was real!