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  1. Heres times he sleeps. 6:00-7:00 A.M. NST 2:00-3:00 A.M NST 12:00-1:00 A.M NST
  2. Thats quick! I just only have 2000 or so. It got stolen from like 3000 ghosts.
  3. I love neo! I have 2 accounts zarajolie and nathan675768.
  4. Really Their is 3 tamagotchi games. Tamagotchi true friends.
  5. I forgot to tell you about my tamagotchi. Name: Aandy Age:7 Stage: adult with baby Points: 713 Poop: 1 baby poop Hungury: 3 Happy: 4 Gen.1 Username: Natha Gender: girl Weight: 33 lb.
  6. Before I say how my tamagotchi is doing its taking a bath and not married.
  7. I ban you because that is not true.
  8. He is a update on my tamagotchi. Name: Aandy Age: 6 Training llllllll l=1 training Poop: None Hungry: 4 Happy: 4 weight:33 lb Gender: Girl Points:731 Gen: 1 Username: Natha I'll have a update after my tamagotchi gets married.
  9. I ban mametchi is so cool because she has a pink avatar and pink stinks.
  10. The first day I got my tamagotchi it was a girl and I named it Aandy. Then a hour later she turned into a tamatchi. A day later she turned into a obotchi. 3 days later she turned into a mametchi. I did a lot things with her. She would not use the make-up! I give her a boom box and a music disc. The music disc broke my boom box! She went to China and Swizerland. Later she is going to Hawaii. Coming the day after today. My tamagotchi is getting married!
  11. It does not work. Tamagotchi don't get older when you set the time to 11:59.