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    I'm very interested in Japanese culture and language. I love watching anime and reading fantasy books, drawing and making crochet and cross stitch. Oh, I also like videogames. A lot. :D

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  1. I can see why it was your least fav: "Tales from Earthsea" is not actually by Hayao Miyazaki, but by his son Goro. This movie wasn't really appreciated by the reviewers, plus it comes from a series of book that I've read. There are five of these books and the movie is a mix of them all, mostly about the last one. But I can say for sure the story of the movie is almost completely made up and has almost nothing to do with the real book (e.g. in the book the prince is older, he doesn't know Therru so well, the enemy is not really the one depicted in the movie since it should belong to the third book (where Therru isn't even born) while Therru and the timeline showed in the movie mostly belong to the 5th book...). I've watched Journey to Agartha, but it's not by Studio Ghibli if I'm not wrong
  2. I'm a HUGE Studio Ghibli fan! I think I've watched every single Ghibli movie out there, except the one you saw (I already own it though). Last movie I watched: When Marnie was there ---> sweet, deep and visually stunning
  3. Ok, thanks.... I'll wait a bit more to see if some other advice will show up! ^__^
  4. Hello everyone!! I'm currently playing with my ID-L and since my favourite character is a teen I was wondering... is there a "trick" (e.g. setting time day by day) to keep my Tamagotchi always at teen stage? I really like him and I don't want it to grow up, since his evolution line is quite... meh :/ (and however I already got almost all of them). Thanks in advance!! I hope this is the right section
  5. Hello everyone!! I recently bought ACNL too and I really like it. I played Wild World a bit too, but since I couldn't use the connection function, I never really unlocked everything or seen some other players' villages. This time I'd like it to be different and visit someone's town. Since I just began: is there any difference between someone's town and someon's DREAM town? Is the latter one something that has to be unlocked? My friend code is: 1263 - 8338 - 5873 PS: I really miss K.K. since the cafè is not already there and it has to be unlocked... I look forward to do it!!
  6. Ahah!! I'm a Mage too and I can totally understand your frustration in defeating some monsters!! I've unlocked some really tough guys that I think it would be almost impossible to defeat unless I reach the highest level or ever meet someone else who plays and would like to help. In my country there are almost no players at all, so I should rely on american players, but the Time Zone difference is that high that is almost impossible to meet and play at the same time... However I really love being a tailor too, but now I have to do some robes/tunics that require elemental Mana... but Mana is so hard to drop!!
  7. It should be a bamboo baby-plant (sorry, I don't remember the english term right now... it's the plant that has just come out from the soil). I think I read this character's name somewhere in this forum: try searching in the 4u+ topic, when they first talked about babies Or maybe there's already something on tamagotchi wikia, under the "4u+ characters" classification.
  8. Yes, it's such a relaxing game! I've been playing it for more than 2 months and I still do I've just recently bought the Origin Island dlc: do anyone of you have it? What do you think about it?
  9. "I want to play! I want to meet (you, I guess??)! Let's play soon! (It will be) fun! Atorie" (I don't know if this last word is the character's nickname or what)
  10. Wow!! It looks really nice!! If it will be compatible with more smartphones there's a good chance I'll buy it But only if it isn't way too overpriced!
  11. Wow!!! I can't stand the second one too!!! It scares me so much!!! I think the first one exactly looks like many other "thousands" of new female bunny-like characters, but I don't think she's ugly
  12. For some reason, I really can't stand Shoototchi too... maybe it's because I hate soccer (here in Italy's becoming a plague), or maybe because he looks as if he thinks he's the best on all Tamaplanet... Plus, the ID-L sprite is worse than the actual artwork. I also find Doyatchi very creepy!! :S
  13. You know.... I'm not sure there are Fave Foods on Tamagotchi Friends: I've fed them so many things so many times, but still I didn't ever see any special reaction nor any Happy Heart becoming full.
  14. I would really REALLY love some child or teen figures... like Painaputchi and Bokuhoshitci!! *____* I'd get them immediately!
  15. Mmmmh... About the Nazotchi thing, your characters should be Nazotchi just if they're not meant to exist on that tama (eg: if you get Mametchi on ID, you will see Mametchi on ID-L since ID-L has Mametchi between its obtainable character. But if you obtain like Princess Spacy on ID-L, you should see Nazotchi on ID since there Princess Sp. didn't exist). I don't think they can marry but I could be wrong. About connection items, I didn't even know they existed! XD