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  1. I want to play Digimon Cyber Sleuth so bad.

    1. MagicMimitchi


      Same here. I also want to play Digimon Adventure RPG but Japan only released it on PSP not PS Vita. :(

  2. So i really want to get into JRPGs. Bu which ones are good? To be honest i never played one. But they look so much fun so i defiently want to play them. So reccomend any good ones. Also i really love games that have a make your own character function. So please tell me which ones have one. Thank you!
  3. Seeing they are from the Pokemon center they will be very expensive. Eh sorry i don't know where to buy them cheaper
  4. Looking for a male pokemon with jolly nature in the field egg group or human like egg group. I can offer a venomoth or a xatu. I am talking about ORAS

  5. Aww yeah! I got an Eon ticket through streetpass omg yeah!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SailorRosette


      I've seen people giving up latias/latios early, don't. It will ruin the epicness. *pets kitties* (Raikou, Suicune, Entei)

    3. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      I thought it would be impossible to actually be able to get it unless you're in New York. Somehow I managed to get it too, so I guess more people use streetpass than I thought

    4. SailorRosette


      Nope... USA copies had them automatically... And we get an eon flute... I know mine was auto.

  6. Actually how much is an Big Mac in America i think its 3.65 euros here.
  7. Not that app. Its called tamagotchi Angel ita for europe and its paid. The last update for this one is April 2014
  8. Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me with the app store. Everyone at my school is talking about a fuction on the app store. You login to someone's Apple ID and then you can download their paid apps for free. But how is this function called or is it legal? I want this so i can get the Tamagotchi Angel and Minecraft paid apps from my granny's iPad. To my iphone. Much thanks! Bitbot PS : Is my grammar better this time?
  9. I have an tranculent green P1. It looks so cool.
  10. Went trough the whole city for a villager Amiibo. No succes :(

    1. Myiko


      Never seen one of those either, but omg the Amiibo figures are so well done, Peach's one is so pretty xD

    2. ciara683


      find out when a stores invintory day for gaming exuipment is and go in a few times that day. I got the other 2 rare ones that way, marth and wiifit trainer.


  11. Finally got my pre-order of Littlebigplanet 3! Can't play it till friday though. Also got a pre-order bonus plush of oddsock.

    1. Pauly



    2. Pauly
    3. puzzledpanda


      Cool! My little brother and I are probably going to get it for Christmas.

  12. Same here a kid on my school helped me past it. But now night 3 oh my.
  13. So many of you guys thought is was a boy. But why? My name Bitbot?

    1. Myiko


      Because Nyorotchi being your icon and a male, probably that's why xD

  14. Playing fnaf2... Aarghh Bonnie! You are ruining it again.
  15. All of this is true. But the companies are also trying to make extra money. By making them more expensive then the tax levels. Eh what i mean they charge more then the tax the conversion rates etc etc.