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  1. when parents force their religion/beliefs upon their kids. i'm lucky to have parents who allow me to believe what i want even if they disagree, hence i am the only person in my religious studies class who does not follow the same religion as either of my parents. but i've seen some really young kids, like 5-7, saying racist/homophobic stuff they're obviously just parroting from their parents. the parents have no right to indoctrinate their children with these beliefs, causing the children to go around saying offensive stuff, getting told off and not knowing why. honestly, whenever a kid says something offensive i feel pity rather than anger at them, because they don't know what they're saying and never had a chance to believe anything different.
  2. Revising for end of year exams. Turns out when I'm not depressed (i.e. most of my life) I'm actually quite a hardworking person xD
  3. omg me and my best friend got minecon tickets!! :DD

    1. Ringotchi123


      My friend did, so she'll be Skyping me the whole time... and she promised that if any YouTubers were there she'd get me an autograph... still not the same, though. Have fun, and if you see a girl named Piper Brown, tell her that you're a friend of mine! ;)

    2. MametchiWarrior
  4. my mum is not disappointed with my grades. she. is. actually. happy. with. my. grades. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY MOTHER

  5. My room smells so bad I feel like vomiting whenever I walk into it, and I DONT KNOW WHYYYY

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Dirty clothes on the floor? Maybe a dead mouse somewhere? O_O

    2. Rainbow Dazz

      Rainbow Dazz

      No, it smells of rotting cauliflower. I've never even eaten cauliflower in my room, and I can't find any cauliflower, so I have no idea why it smells like that >_<

    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan
  6. everything i said/did before september 16th 2013 needs to be erased from existence

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    2. **Rainbow**
    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Everything I did before today needs to be erased from existence XD

    4. Ringotchi123


      Everything I did after I joined Wattpad needs to be erased from existence.

  7. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but TamaTown was closed down AGES ago (I've lost track, but I remember I was an immature idiot and raged about it, meaning it must've been a while ago) and I don't think we really have any hope of getting it back. BanDai have long since moved on and, given their previous responses to fan requests (i.e. not listening to us at all) I'd say the probability of getting TamaTown back is something close to 0%. I totally agree with you that the new Tama stuff doesn't measure up to how things were back in 2006-2010 (hence the fact that I lost interest in Tamagotchi a couple of years ago) but the Tamagotchi franchise being the way it used to be just isn't a possibility anymore. Things change, and Tamagotchi was inevitably going to change - and will inevitably change even more in the future!
  8. The Adaptation Song. (we had to listen to it in geography class dont judge me plez)
  9. Hollywood Undead Pokemon/homework (same thing) (inside joke dont worry) DEATH NOTEEEE as always
  10. I've honestly got no idea who this poem is about, but I've got to say YES, it WAS the right thing to let go of whoever it was. Of course you'll be sad for a few days afterwards, but if the person was hurting you, I promise you'll be better off without them in the end.
  11. HAPPY FRIDAY 13TH MY LUCKY DAY and it was an awesome day too :DD

    1. Watashiwatchi


      Happy Friday 13!

  12. handed in my gcse (aka school subjects for next 2yrs of my life) options form today. GEOGRAPHY CAN GO DIE IN A FROG along with PE, dance, music, and generally everything ive been looking forward to dropping for 9yrs :DDD

  13. I got an app on my phone that means I can download videos off the internet *downloads all Death Note anime to watch at night when the WiFi gets turned off*
  14. Today I went into town with my best friend and bought a tablet to use at night when my parents confiscate all my other technology xD I don't have it yet because it didn't fit in my bag so I couldn't take it home without my parents seeing it, so she has it and is going to give it to me at school tomorrow.