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    Spacytchi, Himespetchi, Kuromametchi, Pochitchi
  1. I found such an electronic dog on Polish olx. What type of animal can be a mga, nano or petogotchi? Please help
  2. What is a kind of electronic pets? It's called puppy puppy. It certainly is a dog What kind of may be the pet Please Help. I'd like to buy.
  3. Ad as you press the C button is your charakter is an adult? How Tamek using it I press the C button and reacts faster I think that in this version of the reaction depends on the C button animation
  4. Decotchi is disgusting looks like frankenstin
  5. Waiting for Entama from OsuMesu
  6. What how many years you have to clean the buttons Tamagotchi v2, v3, v4, v4.5 to respond well?