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  1. I would like to know who *didn't* think this. I still do to some extent. I also thought the USPS logo was some other bird, more like a toucan. With what is actually the eagle's wing being the head of the bird. I guess USPS has updated their logo, and they only use the head of the eagle now. It was a real a-ha moment when I realized it was an eagle…
  2. My v4.5 just grew up into Yakantchi: a little teapot. So cute!

  3. Yay! I finally figured out how to move files from my Mac to my infrared phone and then to the iD L. All the game options are really cool!

    1. NATUUURE :D


      Really that's cool because I need help with that. Which infrared phone did you use?

  4. Sweet, I got Maskutchi on my p1!

  5. Yes, they are definitely a little different. I didn't notice until I created the side-by-side image myself. The pink (red?) seems the most similar, followed by purple, and leaving blue with the largest gap in color similarity between the two releases. Can anyone with a European TMGC Friends confirm if the "pink" tamagotchi friends is more pink or more red? In some photos it looks red, in others it looks pink.
  6. My iD L (english version) just arrived and it's blowing my mind!

  7. It would be fun to get a TMGC Friends with the colored faceplate from the UK and the matching North American release with the silver faceplate.
  8. "Plan 9" by 808 State
  9. When you go to select the stats icon on your p1 but you accidentally go one further and punish your tama…oops!

  10. Good news! After reading the BuddiLuvsYew's post I decided to re-open my p1. It didn't look dirty but I got the tiniest amount of alcohol on a cotton swab and lightly swabbed the area on the circuit board where the buttons press down onto. The tiniest bit of dust came onto the swab so I figure something must have happened. I screwed it all back together and turned it on, and it works like new!
  11. My p1 arrived yesterday, and I am happily raising one fat blob :) Hopefully I raise a Maskutchi!

    1. LittleChocoWolf


      Yay! :) Just get good teen and treat it the worst lol

    2. Maskutchi


      I treated the teen well but I ignored all of the discipline calls. Worked like a charm :)

  12. This was also the case with one of my original generations. I tried EMFs suggestion of taking it apart, but that unfortunately didn't seem to help. I finally accepted that it was unplayable in the long-term. However, I can depress the buttons with a pen. I like the color; so I set up the clock, leave it in clock mode, disabled the sound and use it as my keychain.
  13. I just purchased a green iD L. I'm so excited!

    1. tamaninjacat


      Awesome! My favorite tama is the iD L! ;)

    2. Maskutchi


      Awesome! This is my first Tamagotchi after after 16 years :x I watched a review on YouTube of the gameplay and to see how it looked in color. It looks so fun!

    3. Flare.exe


      Sweet! I need to start mine up again now that school is out. :b

  14. Hey TaylorBeam, I was looking at both of those on eBay as well. $119 isn't a bad price if you really want an English version and have the time to wait 2-4 weeks for it to arrive. I also wanted English as I do not have the time or patience to read a translation guide, etc. The translation may not be perfect, but at least I will be able to understand it. Let us know if you decide to get one! I was debating on getting the purple one for $119, but I really liked the color of the green one so I ended up splurging on it instead. Plus it is coming from a US seller so it should be here in a matter of days Does anyone know if the Japanese and English can communicate with each other?