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  1. Hi TamaTalk I haven't been on here for like half a year >.

  2. How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I was really sick and spent half of it napping.

    1. TMGCGG


      We didn't celebrate it >3>

    2. tamastar133


      It's was fine hope you feel better c:

  3. I love someone and I love him more than Himespetchi loves Mametchi... Wait is that even possible?!

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    2. IluvAnime25
    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      No it's not possible 'cause you dunno how much Himespetchi loves Mametchi XD

    4. IluvAnime25


      XD well true...... And I guess I'm not super "Gigakyun" towards him but I'm just saying I feel very strongly towards him.

  4. What are your thoughts on my new icon? Lol

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    2. Myiko
    3. tamastar133
    4. IluvAnime25


      Idk the episode but I found the picture today and I was like "Yes just yes!"

  5. I read about it and it sounds so sweet. Is there anywhere I can watch those episodes?
  6. Awwwwwwww! I didn't know. I haven't seen the episodes with her. But thats super cute! :3
  7. If you meet a guy who is nerdy(he likes same stuff as you) and is not weirded out by your love for tamagotchi, is he meant to be with you? XD

    1. MagicMimitchi


      I would say so. :3 My boyfriend & I like a lot of the same stuff. Anime, Cartoons, Video games. He isn't weirded out by me collecting them or anything. He knows it's a hobby of mine and thinks it's cool. :)

    2. Awkwardo
    3. IluvAnime25


      Okay cool, he loves anime and video games and I like him and he likes me too :3

  8. KuchipatchixCandy PakuPaku what are your thoughts on that? XD
  9. What features(for English or Japanese tamas) would you like to see in the future? I personally want someway to charge my tamagotchi so I won't have to change the batteries so much. Seriously my tama p had its battery low after only 2 weeks!
  10. I'd say v4 its simple and was my first tamagotchi too!
  11. Thats gorgeous! I love it!
  12. I love my v4 with origami on it, and my other v4 thats blue with sparkles/stars on it. Also my "Love my family" v5$T2eC16VHJHgFFm!6whs8BRwzCHDdU!~~_32-260x260-0-0.JPG Pictures do not belong to me I just used them to show which designs I love
  13. Omg thanks so much!!!! Tell your bf I say thank you!
  14. Oh gosh.... S-sorry :'( and this is why I have problems on forums
  15. Human Himespetchi! Gigakyun~!