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  1. Okay, so I got a Furby Connect today. I bought this for half the retail price on an Amazon Warehouse Deal. As I understood it was used but almost-new condition. Like, it's supposed to just have "slightly damaged packaging" and "minor cosmetic imperfection(s)"...But I can't find a single thing wrong when it comes to the outside appearance. I'm meaning to make a toy review on this one for my country's parents, but before I do - as this came to me used/more or less damaged - I'd really like to know if this guy is actually working correctly... Questions: - Is he supposed to recognise any music played or just songs from the Connect World App? I think his comments became more music and dance related when I played Michael Jackson's songs for him but I'm not sure because he didn't actually begin to dance to the beat of the songs or really move around much at all. Just mostly babbled about dancing, moves and music. - Also, what is "talking to furby" supposed to do here? As, unlike the EmotoTronic Furby from 2005, this one can't actually understand your words. So whty talk to him at all? - I'm not supposed to feed him every time he claims to be starving? Because he's been complaining about terrible hunger a lot and I've always fed him with my finger, but now he's throwing up a lot, sneezing a lot, and actually mentioned something about being sick and not feeling well...And I'm guessing I can't help him without the App. - So...99% of the play value and function comes from the Connect World App? (Which I can't use as it's not available in my country, for some crazy reason, so the review will have to wait. The two previous 2010s' furbies' apps are available so I'm hopeful this one's will be too.)
  2. Okay, I've found out you can name only those newer versions from 2010s, and that this one doesn't have a Deep Sleep Mode even though this is a second generation Furby...Just an on/off switch which is basically the same I guess. But still, I'd like to know which other furbies does this EmotoTronic communicate with?
  3. I'd like to change mine, as well.
  4. I wasn't into furbies in the '90s, but into tamagotchies/virtual pets. I don't recall furbies being anywhere near as popular in my country as the virtual pets were. But recently I looked into this furby toy line as I noticed they're still making new models and have throughout the decades. And the newer ones indeed seem to be tons of fun even for a nostalgia blasted adult to play with. (Nostalgic for anything '80s and '90s + I collect vintage toys and games as well as some new versions of vintage toys.) I don't have kids yet so I don't know if the newer models have been popular here but I assume they have enough because both 2012 and Boom apps are available for my country too. My interest in furbies started with the Nostalgia Critic mentioning the originals in a passing in one of his movie reviews and then recently I happened to come across a 2001 McFurby for only 50 cents at a flee market. It works but according to my research its functions are extremely limited and only useable with a second McFurby plus it appears to take the very thin button batteries which none of my other gadgets require so that one remains as just a collectable and pretty decoration in my bookcase...which I actually meant it as anyway. But then I looked into the newer ones and actually got excited about purchasing some more as collection items and also to play with. Now I'vee got a 2005 Emoto-Tronic Friend. Though its functions are very limited it's still fun. It's so cute and simple to play with that it's a nice little pick-me-up if my day hasn't been too good. Not as much so as a real pet would be but still. Also I've found that even though the play functions are very limited, if you just keep using those functions it will say and do new things from time to time. Thus, it remains interesting. On their way are also a Furby Connect and a Furby 2012 plus complete package of Furby Frames for him. Those two models seem like they could entertain anyone for weeks or even months at a time. Anyone who enjoys interactive toys, that is. I'm just hoping the Furby Connect app will become available in my country...I noticed it's not available only after purchasing the furby from Amazon. But I have high hopes because indeed the other two apps for this decade's furbies are available. It's strange though that the newest isn't though the toy has been out in the US and UK for some 9 months already. I may get myself a Furby Baby too, some day. My Emoto-Tronic keeps asking "Where furby baby?" So I guess it could communicate with one?
  5. I got my first furby for my vintage toy collection. A 2005 "Emoto-Tronic Friend". It's not the Baby nor the Funky one. Just the regular Emoto-Tronic. It's beige-pink with green-ish/brown-ish eyes. 1.) How do I make it go to the Deep Sleep Mode, or does it not have it after all but only that ON/OFF switch? 2.) It doesn't have a name at all and you can't give it a name to recognise? (If so, how lame. :/) + Also, an extra question: I'm thinking of purchasing a second one, too. Should I get a Funky Furby or a Furby Baby or what if I wish them to communicate?
  6. Thank you for the replies. It must have been popular enough, as The Lion King was the highest grossing animated movie of all time for numerous years until out-grossed by Toy Story 3 and even today The Lion King remains the highest grossing hand-drawn animated movie of all time. And I think the Giga Pet Plus: Circus has a lion as one of the animals...So, I would still question the reason why they didn't make it. However, that's not really the point, just simply if there is any virtual pet Simba out there by today - be it Giga Pet or not?
  7. Not true. Virtual pets were released in 1996/1997 - Giga Pets particularly were released in 1997. The Lion King was released in 1994. More than enough time before for them to make a Simba. Also, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride was released only a year after The Lost Word: Jurassic Park from which they did make a Baby T-Rex Giga Pet. They could have made a Kiara or Kovu Giga Pet from that one too.
  8. Does there exist a Giga Pet Simba from The Lion King? Either as a vintage from the 1990s' series or a newer one? I find it extremely odd that I haven't seen one from the '90s or if they didn't make one then. After all The Lion King was THE most successful Disney animated classic of the decade and they did make a Little Mermaid and a 101 Dalmatians Gigapets - from less successful and much older films. So WTF, where's my baby Simba, Tiger Electronics?? :/
  9. Years ago I asked if anyone could identify my long lost puppy I loved in the '90s but no one could and I couldn't even locate a picture of it. However, someone was able to tell me it was an MGA puppy. I have finally found out it was specifically a Dog Gotch. Its shell indeed was white, kind of oval shaped, paw prints in the front as well as a Disney-style dalmatian pup and the text Dog Gotch. It was tons of fun, easy/relaxing to care for, looked like a dog and for some reason changed its breed three times in the approx. two weeks I managed to keep it alive. It ate dog food and bones, slept in front of a dog house, played a weird and annoying bark guessing game, the doctor option had only an image of a syringe emptying, it took a shower if memory serves right, and to discipline it you actually hit it several times with a hand which was absolutely dreadful...I feel bad even about yelling at my Baby T-Rex or Koala. Initially I thought I could just get an MGA pup in any shell, but from a video review it looks like there are some major differences between them. In example, an MGA puppy in the Pikachu shaped shell arrives in a cart wheres in the Dog Gotch shell it climbs out of a basket. And in the Pikachu shell it looks nothing like a dog or any animal but just like a black squashed Pac-Man whereas in the Dog Gotch shell it looks just like a puppy all along. I'm so glad there was a thorough video review on the Pikachu shelled because I almost bought it. All MGA puppies seem to be extremely rarely sold, especially that Dog Gotch one. Can you tell me if you know of any other major differences / what all kinds of MGA puppy programming are there in which shells? So I won't end up wasting money on something that is too different from my childhood pup. As in I'm looking to get the Dog Gotch or one just like it even if not in an identical shell. By the way, do you personally prefer an MGA puppy or a Giga Pet? (Just the basic Gigas, as in Giga Pet Plus ones don't count because it wouldn't be a fair contest due to their size and complexity.) I love both, but I think I prefer the MGA puppy, (particularly the Dog Gotch), a little bit more. Because it was easy/relaxing to care for, went through a few breeds, and holds extra strong nostalgic and emotional value to me what with being the one I had as a kid.
  10. I'd like to generally discuss this particular pet and have some tips on the side. I've had this cutey for over a year now, though I've played it only a few times for a few days. I think my record is 9 days. Now I'm trying to have it live for the approx. 2 weeks it's designed to. I have no interest in it living for months as that would surely require near constant attention and I don't want to do that. I love this, even though this is an awfully demanding pet. But it's so cute and fun! Its appearence is cute, and the way it keeps jamming on the screen like the cool dino it is, the cute animation and big pounding heart whenever its needs are met or it catches a mouse, and how it literally showers kind of like a human and smiles while doing so, how it sleep-walks if you don't turn off the lights (but I do, so that it'll be happy), how it smiles while it catches its z's when the lights are turned off, the mouse catching game is kind of fun even though impossible to lose - (as in it's still less boring than some other Giga Pets that don't require more than two button pushes to win the game), and it's funny that it eats pizza, and it's awesome to take a freakin' T-Rex to a vet. I don't like yelling at it, the animation is made too cute for that too. But it's still less awful to do than the MGA puppy/kitten disciplining that actually makes you smack them. o.O What's your opinion on this pet? What's your record age for this? Does this have more than two growth stages? ANY TIPS? I had an MGA puppy when I was a kid, and though my friend had a Giga Pet back then, this is still new-ish programming to me. And the instructions apparently are very basic. So, there's a few things I'd like clarified: SNACKING: It seems to want a snack very often...It can't be healthy to give it pizza that often,. It's annoying when the Attention icon is constantly on but I don't want to spoil it. Generally, does the 2-3 pizzas a day apply to this one, too? (I read the health/care guide by KiraKitty, but I think this dino may differ significantly from a puppy. As it indeed asks for a treat often & doesn't have any trick/reward feature.) NAPPING: Sometimes when I turn off the lights in the middle of the day, it makes a sound which I interpret as protesting but sometimes it doesn't say anything about it - yet it doesn't lay down to take a nap either. What am I supposed to think about that? Also, the guide by KiraKitty talked about a sad face, but I don't think this dino has any different facial expressions when it's just hanging around but it's always quite neutral? Or maybe I just haven't paid attention, as I usually just check the scores... WAKING IT UP BEFORE IT DOES SO ON ITS OWN: Apparently you can wake it up by yelling at it, (discipline), but that's just awful and naturally will decrease happiness and health points. There isn't any other way to wake it up, is there?? Because when its health score is way down for some reason and I'd really need to take it to a vet but it's asleep, yelling at it would potentially kill it. Why IS the discipline option available during its sleep time, anyway? If you're supposed to be able to wake it up, why not inclide a pleasent way to do that? o.O IDEAL WEIGHT: What is the ideal weight for it, relative to its age? It seems to get hungry really quickly but I wouldn't want to make it over-weight.
  11. I've been looking for an MGA Virtual Puppy from 1997/1998 for about 2 years now without any luck! Particularly I'm looking to find one with the dalmatian dog shell (with paw prints) as that was the one I had when I was a kid, but any shell would do. Please, note that I'm looking for an MGA Virtual Puppy, NOT a Giga Pet or any other. It's the one that turns into several breeds during its life. It eats dog food, bones for treats, and plays that weird barking guess game (that I by the way never understood and found kind of boring.) And to discipline it you actually have to smack it, (I always wished there was an option to just yell at it but I don't think it does.) One of the breeds it turned into was a Spitz. So, could anyone suggest more good online sites to safely purchase virtual pets, or know of anyone who'd be selling one for a reasonable price? I've been looking from e-Bay, Amazon, Play.com and iOffer.
  12. Wooh! My t-rex, Nemo II, lived for 9,5 days!!! Then I forgot to check on him this morning and he died. dang. The first Nemo lived for the 3 days. It was quite amazing that usually I couldn't get his health higher than the 80 it rises up to each time it's been to a vet, and the first time it did get higher it was 85 for a little while. But then, the other night as he slept, I checked on it and his helath was 99 for some crazy unknown reason. I'd started to believe it's not even possible to get it that high. o.O I don't know why I expected the game to get easier as it grows older...Of course a grown up t-rex needs more attention than a baby...it eats more and everything. Seriously, this one wanted pizza at every turn! Lol. Pizza. The game programmers sure had some sense of hunour. But must say I'm a bit disappointed as the package (which I don't have but I've seen it) claims this has multiple development stages so that one can actually see the pet grow. But even at 9 days/years of age it hadn't changed at all or if it had it was very minimal growth in width and perhaps his tail was a bit longer. I expected really noticable changes like the body propotyions clearly changing somehow but...oh, well. I don't remember how real tyrannosauruses are speculated to have developed so I guess I shouldn't complain. But this is fun still. Gotta try again, I don't know why I just have to beat the game as in have it live for the couple of weeks it's supposed to...becuase I'm sure there won't be any big finish but it will just die the same way it always does...but I just have to try. Or at least until I get bored or super annoyed by its ridiculous demanding...ness and take the batteries out. I really think I'll try that 101 Dalmatians some day when I have enough money and find it for a reasonable price.
  13. Oh, didn't know it would do specifically that too. Thanks, I'll try that then.
  14. Hmm...I can't edit my previous post anymore. Recently it's died within 1-2 days, damnit. So, when everything else seems fine but it bothers me I assume it needs a nap. But when I turn out the lights, nothing happens. The distress icon is still lit up. How do I anyway know if it's actually napping and not just dancing there in the dark?? (Yeah, I think it's walking and dancing, it looks like it. And it was funny to watch it while Michael Jackson's Billie Jean played on the background because it seemed like it was dancing to it...with its own moves of course. ) Speaking of napping, it's annoying when sometimes it takes a crap and then immediately falls asleep in the middle of the day before I can do anything about it. And it seems the only way to be able to do anything is to wake it up and the only way to do that is to yell at him!? And I don't want to do that as it bites off a chunk of its health percent! And I didn't know it could fall asleep on its own in the middle of the day anyway. I mean, it doesn't seem to be sick as it refuses to go to the doctor. This game is impossible.
  15. Yeah, thanks, that's the site I refered to. And oh, yeah, it's possible that I've over-fed it - though I don't think all that much...But then I have no idea how little it takes to be fatal. It was, like...3 years and 3 pounds.