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  1. Wow. I cant believe TamaTalk is 11 years old. I joined about one year ago. Happy birthday TamaTalk!

  2. Just realized im not selling tamas..love them to much. Ill be more active...JUST GOT 3DS XL!

  3. i don't think I'm interested in tamagotchis anymore :'(

    1. ChamametchiandMametchi
    2. HeyTama


      I don't know. I think I am getting to old for them and I have other things to do in life.

    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan
  4. ketchup is good on EVERYTHING!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ♥Twilightchi♥


      Except chocolate cake

    3. Myiko


      That Miku picture couldn't fit more your status omg

    4. tamafan325



  5. should i do a drawing life stream?

    1. derekq


      sure what are you gonna draw?

  6. just made my about page :)

  7. whats on my mind..

  8. just made a YouTube and my banner :)

  9. My V4 always gets mail... its getting annoying!

    1. violetvioletchi


      Yes omg...mine always seems to get fortunes so I get excited thinking it's like an event or the king but no it's always a fortune -_-

  10. just found the 2013 ps3 game Tomb Raider in a cabinet! Now i have something to do over the weekend!

    1. .:M@TT:.


      Lucky... I want that game so bad.

  11. do people buy new tamagotchis and open them and play or by used ones a play?

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    2. Nazotchi25


      I buy to play :3

    3. HeyTama
    4. violetvioletchi


      I usually buy used ones if I'm going to play with them, but if the price on a NIP one is cheaper I'll go with that one.

  12. Hello! I just got a lot of tamagotchis and some are really dirty! What is safe to clean with that doesn't damage the shell or paint?
  13. TamaCHAT anyone?

  14. Wow...more packages of tamagotchis! I just recieved 6 NEW connections xD