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  1. finally getting an angelgotchi. so excited !!

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    Pokemon Yellow thoughts?

    i love pokemon yellow!! ive so far got 4/8 badges and now im trying to get through the fifth gym (when you get to the vermillion city gym i suggest using a digglet that knows dig it really helps) i think i just like the older games more because its just less complicated, no EV and IV stuff to worry about and also less pokemon to catch.
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    Tamagotchi P's HELP

    here is a tamagotchi p's guide it has a lot of information about the tamagotchi p's, the pierces, and downloading items.
  4. Kayleykitty

    Plus Color of 4u?

    even though its not an option if you could find a idl 15th anniversary in your price range i would highly suggest it. The idl 15th anniversary has very fun and challenging games, really cute characters and is my personal favourite tamagotchi out of the tamagotchis i own. I have heard that the 4u is not very good unless you have a compatible device and plus colours are usually hard to find new for a good price (they also seem to get scratched really easily from the ones i have seen being sold as used)
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    3DS Friend Codes!

    My friend code is: 1435 6457 3435 I like to play animal crossing but sometimes i get bored of it (btw i added you milkgotchi)
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    How many tamagotchis are you playing right now?

    I am running 0 currently because of my exams and studing but now that that is over I am probably gonna run 3 (my idl, p's and v4,5)
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    New P's

    I use a bobby pin to open my color tamas
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    Long-lived Oldies Hatch 3

    it's been more than a year since the last long-lived oldies hatch and I think that it's time for a new one! Rules (kind of ) ~You use any tamagotchi that can have oldies on it ~If you tamagotchi dies you can restart it and still be apart of the hatch The hatch will start probably on Friday June 5 in the afternoon or morning (it may change though)
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    Long-lived Oldies Hatch 3

    Wow I thought more people would join lol I'll probably just start a new log once I'm out of school for summer and done exams sorry to tamaninjacat I'm probably canceling this hatch.
  10. Many people suggest the plus color but they are kinda expensive if you want one new or in decent condition. I would suggest an idl or a p's, idl is good because they don't have as much reading/ words as the p's but they are a little more needy then the p's, the p's is also good because there is a daycare/ dream school option so your tamas don't have to sit around in their poo if you are busy and they have a lot of extra content with the pierces the only thing that is kinda bad is that their is a lot of reading with the diary entry's and stuff but you can patch the p's to English if you get a irda adaptor or a phone with Infrared.
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    Music Star Trouble

    When you download it it dosen't go back to the moment exactly before you press reset it goes to when it last saved (which usually is around an important event like its last evaluation) so you may just have to wait a little while longer.
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    Rukitchi's P's Please, aka second log

    Your log is my favorite log lol
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    Last Post Wins

    makin my way downtown
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    The word game thing.

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    Mod Break

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    Last Post Wins

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    Open the coconut

    *Plays wii sports with no wrist strap and the wii remote flys out of my hand and hits the coconut causing it to break* *gives next person a plunger*
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    Last Post Wins

    oops double post >.<