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  1. Hey all, I'm somewhat interested in giving this Tamagotchi thing a go. It seems like a nice distraction while I'm watching Netflix or whatnot, or while listening to podcasts. In any case, I have a few general questions to help give me some direction: As a grad student I'm really busy most days. Are there any Tamagotchi models that are suitable for someone with a busy schedule? From what I remember back in elementary and middle school, the kids who had Tamagotchis (we're talking early 2000s here) said there was no way to "pause," and if you didn't constantly look after your Tamagotchi it would pass away. Is this true of all Tamagotchi models? I would definitely need something I can pick up and put down when I have the time to tend to it. Assuming the above isn't true anymore, what is the best Tamagotchi model for someone in my circumstances, and why? Or should I hold off for a model that isn't out yet? Where would be the best place to acquire said model? A local shop? Amazon? eBay? Some private Tamagotchi marketplace forum I'm not aware of? How long have you been a Tamagotchi fan? How old are y'all? (22 here – am I too old for this?!) Although it seems like an ostensibly feminine toy, and other guys hereabouts? Just curious, of course. Any other sage advice to give to a new potential owner? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks everyone! Decided to go with a v3.
  3. I think I will pick up v3 out of nostalgic reasons, and the latest TF model once it launches in the U.S. to support the continuation of Tamagotchi, even if it seems a bit too girl-focused for my personal tastes. Cool to see others here with diverse backgrounds!
  4. Good to hear. Seems like the screen is one of the major complaints about TF.
  5. I'm deciding between the v2 and the v3. Heck, I'll probably end up getting both at some point. I'll probably pick up a v3 as per the suggestions here. I wonder why it seems to be much more expensive than the v2 though...? EDIT: Also, I'll probably pick up Tamagotchi Friends to show Bandai that there's still interest in Tamagotchi in this day and age, especially in the West!
  6. Thanks for the replies. Regarding v3, am I considerably locked out of many of its features without the ability to access TamaTown? The website seems to be down permanently, and I would rather not pick it up, only to find that its major appeal, the online connection stuff, is gone. EDIT: I watched the review and I am interested in v3. I'm still curious whether my experience will be hampered by not being able to connect to TamaTown though. Thanks!
  7. I made a topic here earlier but I figured I would make a narrower one. Sorry if this is against forum etiquette hereabouts. I have been researching various Tamagotchi models. I have a fairly busy schedule as a college student, so I'm curious as to what version(s) are not particularly demanding of *constant* attention all day every day. I was looking into the upcoming U.S. release of Tamagotchi Friends, but it looks a little less... gender-neutral than earlier models, if you catch my drift (speaking as a male here). I looked into iD L English versions but those seem a bit out of my price range and for something that has a lot of downloadable capabilities, having it become outdated would be a small issue. I'm kind of at a loss here and would appreciate a little help narrowing down my options from those more experienced in this delightful hobby. Relatively gender-neutral, and doesn't demand 24/7 care from someone really busy. Thank you! EDIT: however, if buying the latest version would be good for supporting the franchise reboot as a whole State-side, I suppose I would just pick up the latest model.
  8. One thing I realized is that I have a pretty busy schedule during the day -- which Tamagotchi models either have a pause feature, or do not require incredible amounts of maintenance?
  9. 1. Hmm, I suppose I will need to do a bit more research to find out which will suit me. I'm inclined to just pick up the latest one that will launch in the U.S. in July (Tamagotchi Friends), but I suppose that has gotten mixed reviews. Do the color ones only come in Japanese? Or can I pick up an English version/set the language to English/use it in the U.S. properly? 2. Aye, I suppose I'll have to think a lot more about which model I will start off with, then further inquire. I'm just glad none of them seem terribly expensive (>$50). 3. Good to hear! I remember plenty of friends had them back in grade school. 4. I just found that huge thread; very cool! Glad I'm not alone. 5. Right on.
  10. The more I research the more I realize I really want to experience every version, so I'll probably just start with the latest release and go from there. I hope I don't become a pariah by choosing Tamagotchi Friends though!
  11. 3. Should I wait for the English release of Tamagotchi friends to dive in? I'm glad its popularity is starting to rise again! 4. Awesome. 5. I'm glad you like them! It's nice to have a hobby. My main hobby is playing old retro video games.
  12. Hello, During my web surfing the other day, for some reason or another I stumbled upon Tamagotchis and was hit by a huge wave of nostalgia. Even though I'm a 20-year old male, I would like to delve into this small hobby. 1. The last Tamagotchi I remember was the first one. Now I see there are quite a few versions. Which would you recommend? Which is the version most people tend to use nowadays? 2. Where would you recommend buying a Tamagotchi? Amazon? 3. How popular are Tamagotchis nowadays? I figure they're probably not the fad they were about 10 years ago when virtual pets/LCD games were far more popular, but I'm curious. Did I miss the boat too drastically to (re)start with Tamagotchis now? 4. Are there any other members here outside of their teens, out of curiosity? 5. Just a general question for interest's sake -- why do you personally love Tamagotchi? Thank you so much. Have a nice day!