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  1. My tamagotchi evolved into an adult and I couldn't help but think: Wow he became an adult fast is this a glitch? I go to check his age because I knew I haven't had him for long. He is only 2 years old. I checked online and it says that tamagotchis evolve at age 3-6. So be a gentleman and tell me: Is this a glitch? Or is this normal. P.S. I have a V4 connection.
  2. Hey everybody! I just got my first Tamagotchi today. I gave the box it came in to my cat. Well, if you count the Tamagotchi life app, I got my first Tamagotchi a while ago. I bought a v4 off of eBay for about $14 altogether. It came with a battery and had free shipping. The shell is black with silver zig-zags. The buttons are red and the end of the plastic antenna is, too. I probably won't upload pictures, though. I can upload a picture of my Tamagotchi shell, though. Being the direct opposite of a girly girl, I find this shell awesome looking. If I can figure out how to take off the faceplate, I might paint my own design on. Idk for now. Well, now I guess I should tell you about my Tamagotchi now. I got the boy Tamagotchi baby and I named him Itch. Don't ask why. Hey there! Hey Itch. Anything you would like to say to our readers? I'm bored. Play with me. I was hoping for a nicer reply, but whatever. What am I going to evolve into? I don't know yet. Would you like to say something nice to our readers? I love it when my owner feeds me sushi! Better... I guess. Well we will keep you updated on what happens to Itch. Cya! Bye!
  3. I'll be honest. I don't have any Tamagotchis. It is quite tragic, and I am planning on buying one. So I thought I would get your opinions to help me decide which Tamagotchi is best. This way, not only can I figure out which Tamagotchi I should buy, but you guys can have fun talking about why it is your favorite Tamgotchi and debate with other members about them. I don't know if this topic is in the right section, or if the topic has been made before, but oh well. ~Ғяσɢɢιи