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  1. i couldn't find any anywhere online or in person i've had to order mine on eBay from america also
  2. i just got my tamagotchi friends in the mail and expecting it to be cheap and rubbish i was surprised how good it actually is. sure its not as "deep" as idl or p's but all in all its pretty good and fun! i can see why they have made it how they have trying to back to the original where it was cheap and basic and it works its fun and i like it! i think they are trying to get a broader audience with this so anyone can just pick up and play with it and go and i think it works i think this'll bring back some popularity to tamagotchi. i recommend everyone at least gets one just to support bandai in pushing the tamagotchi
  3. Hey guys thought id make a thread so we could post our Facebook email addresses so us fellow tamagotchi lovers could add each other on Facebook My email is
  4. It was 1996 got a blue v1 tamagotchi loved it everyone at school has one. And we all loved them and all talked and compared them. Then they got banned from school so we had to keep them In our bags and play with them in secret! Haha loved it. Still got that tamagotchi today!
  5. I'm 29 and still play with them. I've been playing with them since I was 12!
  6. For me it's the original I got in 96, I still regularly play it and nothing will beat it! Note: I still love the newer ones! Esp idl
  7. I take it out in public, but if I'm in the movies or something important I'll put it on mute. Or if I'm at work I'll keep it in my back pack and just play with it in there on mute. I'm 29 and I don't care who sees me play it