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  1. Hello:) Just wanted to say hello and I wanted to ask something. At first: I love your and Mr. Blinks´wonderful work. VDP´s are such a beautiful idea *o* I did not even knew it would be possible. So,my question is: Wouldn´t it be cool to have Akahanatchi on the Tamagotchi P´s with a VDP? Like a Christmas VDP :) I LOVE AKAHANATCHI o(*O*)o

  2. First about the Mothra, I did get those sprites recently to work on them, they are looking quite good! However they are going to need some serious colors editions, as the current ones do not seem to work well, I'm going to be working on them at some point so don't worry about it On a second thing though, making custom characters won't be possible, we are keeping this project as official as possible, the goal of the project is bringing back old Tamagotchi characters so I'm afraid we don't want fans custom characters sorry
  3. Hello Tama-fans! Today I'm here to announce the release of something really special Mr. Blinky and I have been working on for quite some time... Tamagotchi P's Virtual Deco Pierces!! Now thanks to the VDP's you will be able to raise completely new characters on your Tamagotchi P's! In other words, downloadable P's characters! The goal of this project is to get old forgotten characters to be raisable again together with all the newer ones that means some characters that were only available on vintages/connections will be able to be in full color for the first time on your Tamagotchi P's! The VDP's are really easy to use, they work as downloadable destinations, and once you run them the VDP will be linked to your P's because they work just like real pierces you will also get an exclusive icon background, but keep in mind you can't link a pierce while having a VDP character Here you will be able to find more info and a list of all the available characters, it will be updated as more VDP's are released To raise a character just use the item that appears on it's banner 3 times as ateen (they have to be the same gender as the character), if you have any more questions the VDP downloads include a readme with instructions on how to use it, it can't get any more clear! Since Halloween is around the corner it would be nice to get a Devilgotch character right? That's great because here you have our very first VDP's character! Kabodeviltchi! (AKA Pumpkin Deviltchi) Get ready to have a spooky Tamaween because Kabodeviltchi's VDP comes filled with Halloween themed content, aswell as Kabodeviltchi of course! To raise him just eat the Kabodeviltchi Pie three times with any male teen As I said before, all character downloads (Kabodeviltchi only available as of now) are available at *Mr. Blinky's Deco Pierce Patch is needed to enjoy the the VDP's **Running the English Patch is highly recommended, as all the data in the VDP's is in english ***If this topic doesn't belong in there, mods feel free to move it
  4. The lighter the better on all greyscales for me, it shows more differences between the different shades of grey
  5. Just wanted to say that the 4U+ can connect with the ~new~3DS for random NFC connections, so if you have one you can easily unlock the unlockable characters and destinations with it
  6. I am in the exact same situation as you are, I also want to buy one of them but don't know which one I love my P's a lot and the connection options are all amazing, but I got to try my BF's Dream Town and I also loved it, they are both around the same price so it's a really hard choice
  7. I would say the Miracrise and Lovely Melody have the most content because they are not transformation pierces (those require more space so they can't fit too much content in them), but the amount doesn't really matter I think, just choose the one you think you'll enjoy the best
  8. I got my 4U+ not too long ago and I wouldn't recommend you getting one as your first new Tamagotchi, they are quite disappointing and a big step back from previous versions, they are really not as good as they seem :/ If you want something modern I would recommend either a P's (Color) or a Dream Town (BW), both are really great version~ The P's is perfect if you want endless fun in your Tamagotchi as its packed with lots of features and lets you download even more, you can also get the english patch for the P's, then you won't have to worry about the Japanese The Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town is also a really nice version, it's simple as the original friends but fixes all the mayor flaws from it, it has a lot more games and they are a lot better, it's really charming on it's own way If you want something more Vintage-like I recommend the connection V2, it has lots of cool characters and cute animations to enjoy, and it feels really nostalgic If you are looking for a more complex connection I say the V6 is the best
  9. I highly believe the evolution meter is the most important thing in the Genjintch, I've gotten both Dotetchi and Ukitchi with pretty high weight before, so the weight can't be too important xD I don't know till what point care is important though, whenever I try to give my Genjintch bad care but keep the evolution meter up I end up killin it Oh I had no idea how to get the extra characters, thank you so much for telling! I've had Ibatchi getting a 100% evolution, but Hanitchi didn't evolve into Dogutchi when I had her evolution at 100%, maybe it has to be done within a certain amount of time, I should try get her again sometime soon
  10. I would recommend you to buy a P's, its in your price range and its the best you could ever get It has an school option so your Tamagotchi will be on school while you are in college, it's also a lot less needy than any of the other color versions
  11. First gen on my Friends and I get the ugliest character, does anyone know how can I get rid of Mametchi faster? :/

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Myiko


      Mametchi is the only male character I didn't wanna have in my friends, his sprites look gross, I want to start a new gen already :/

    3. tamastar133


      TBH I think they made his head a bit large but the date place is open whenever it's 5 years old

    4. Didy414


      Mametchi is a ugliest character????? WAAAAAAAT???? O___O

  12. I like Miracrise, Baby Change, Sanrio and Lovely Melody the most I think The Circus one is also really great, and the Coffret one has cute characters, but not so cute content
  13. Halfway in the evolution meter is not enough to get Dotetchi, I believe you need to get the evolution to got a bit more than halfway to get him Also I don't think weight is too important from my experiences with the Genjintch, but it probably has something to do with the secret evolutions xD
  14. I can't wait for mine to arrive, just one more week until it arrives!! Tropicatchi being raisable now it's perfect, she is one of my faves and I thought she would never appear since she didn't make it into the P's, I'm glad I'll get to raise her on my new 4U+ when it arrives I really like the new babies too, but I'm not really liking the toddlers
  15. Sorry for the late update but Tropicatchi has been added to the app! Pondetchi will also be available pretty soon Mr. Blinky has been recently working on the 4U app so it has more compatibility with the 4U+ (It seems the Japanese one won't have 4U+ items so far), aswell as adding some extra content you'll probably see sometime next week