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  1. Comment your favorite wrestler if u watch WWE!!

  2. The land of stories. Best. Series. Ever.
  3. No one to talk to!!!:'(

    1. RubyLullaby


      I´m here :) Hope you have a great day ☺

  4. school started and now I barely have time for tamatalk

  5. I stink at topics. anyway, I got Kiramotchi!

  6. Can u send me a link to the one in ur picture?
  7. on free wifi....in heaven right now!!!

  8. Hey guys! I 'messed' up on my other tama log so I have to start all over Ugh! I got a blue cloud that grew into a fat duck in a lady bug suit that then grew into a colorful snail! Aokumotchi Mitsumarutchi Maimaitchi -Jaden!
  9. Sorry I don't, but I have to say, that is an awesome tamagotchi!
  10. well on my tamagotchi, work is 8-10. so I have no clue
  11. My tamagotchi log went missing.....sorry guys i might have to start all over!!:(

  12. u have been having the same questions but u can only use them on a computer. or ur looking at signatures
  13. I got into them by thinking about a littlest pet shop version i had and months later, i dont exactly know how, but i managed to find the tamagotchi ps during a kawaii/japanese phase and got one for my 11th birthday from my mom!:3 i think i annoyed here to death about it hough... so, i have been a fan ever since!
  14. My tamagotchi keeps on saying something (in Japanese) and goes somewhere than comes back in seven seconds or so

  15. I'm thinking of getting a cute itty bitty backpack with a flower print!!!!! but right now, i carry my tamagotchi poochie, in my hand or in my back pocket.