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  1. Oh man I can relate so much. I can't stay into tama's for a long period of time anymore, and feel like I HAVE to run a colour version to enjoy it. Definitely give an IDL a go, they are good fun for the price range.
  2. Anyone have an Ant's Life Studio for sale/trade?

  3. A LOT of CSGO and Dead by daylight. Funny how video games are so much more attractive around exam weeks.
  4. Made an account, added everyone here too. 7170 7440 199
  5. I barely play with them in front of my parents. I don't know if its social normalities, or if I'm just shy. I wish it was more accepted that dudes can play with tamagotchi too.
  6. )_( laggy internet caused three posts? I won three times then I guess.