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  1. 23/11/20 - Cont. Today marks the start of the second generation! I was left a baby Kuroteletchi. I decided to name him Mouse. After the usual hour of care, Mouse expectedly evolved into a Mizutamatchi as Jal was a bad care character. We played bump to exploit the points he could earn at his low weight class. My best game got us all the way to the 8th round! Unfortunately, we came just short of the overall victory. That being said, coming in 2nd place overall still gave us a handsome sum: 24/11/20 Today was bittersweet. We started the day off normally, I caught Mouse rolling around on the floor. Despite taking near perfect care of him (or what I thought was perfect care?) he evolved later on in the day to a Hashitamatchi. I adore this character, but according to my growth chart, he's 'horrible care'. Going back over my care in the past 24 hours, his hearts never got below 3, and his poo never stacked multiples. I did take an extra hour or so to turn off his light - but I didn't think that would affect care that drastically? There must be more to care than I remember... Anyway, here's Mouse! I caught him taking a bath this evening. Time to look at some new growth charts perhaps!
  2. Short update today - as I'm heading back home. 22/11/20 Today, the small new family and I worked on getting Jal's weight down. I played a ton of bump and worked it down below 50lbs eventually. I did all this while working through my summer school stuff, not long to go now. I tried 'Sprint' after getting his weight down low, but I still didn't have much luck winning, any ideas? 23/11/20 Because I probably won't have much more time today to post an update - here is the next generation. I assume he'll awaken at Jal's normal wake time (10:00am). Stay tuned!
  3. Hey guys! 20/11/20 Not a super eventful day today, Jal joined me at work again. After that, I went on a short road trip for the weekend and took him with me. Other than the fact he turned 6, there wasn't anything super notable that happened. I found a cool toy robot in the store, and let Jal play with it on the way (don't worry - I wasn't driving while taking these). Maybe this will come in handy for Jal's offspring... 21/11/20 Today Jal turned 7...which means... Matchmaker visit! I usually miss these photo opportunities, so I may have had a little tinkering around with time travel... The matchmaker bought along Androtchi who Jal promptly agreed to marry. ...and after all the ceremonies, we were left with a baby boy! This is perfect as I just bought the action figure/toy robot (which I believe is the toy that male tamagotchi's prefer). Tomorrow should be Jal's last day with the baby before I can start the next generation. Now to start thinking of more boy names!
  4. Hi ya'll, just a quick-ish update for the past two days. 18/11/20 Today I took Jal to work with me. Nothing notable happened really, just the usual care. Expecting a matchmaker arrival either tomorrow or the day after. 19/11/20 Slightly more eventful day today, as I was home. We kicked off the day with a glass of juice, which may be from a pervious generation? I didn't remember buying it. I then broke out my old notebook with all my growth charts and codes that I made when I was younger. I decided to enter in some of the shop codes. I was a little disappointed they didn't continue this feature in future versions, it feels almost like an easter egg! In particular, we played with the 'RC CAR 2', which makes some funny sounds. Jal was not impressed when it tipped over. Maybe he shouldn't be driving it so fast then. ...and then, just as I was writing this, we were visited (or rudely approached by) the thanksgiving turkey! Jal was chased all over the screen as I watched on and took photos.
  5. Oh...soda bubbles... That, along with camo are my too favourite v3 designs. Good choice.
  6. Hi, just dropping in after a short 4-year hiatus. 0.o Last time I logged here, I was an exchange student in Japan. Now I'm back and just about to graduate from University. I haven't had a lot of time for tamagotchi, and I don't usually like showing them off to anyone (my dirty little secret ). About a week back, I decided to start up my favourite V3 and see how long I lasted with it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's still running so I thought I'd start logging some progress. For the next month, I'll be doing summer school but this shouldn't be as stressful as my regular studies over the past few years. I recently purchased the iPhone 12, so I'll be taking all my photos with that! If only having a nice camera meant you took nice photos. 17/11/20 Today, my V3: Jal, evolved into a Masktchi after a week of sub-par care. I was a little disappointed - but it'll push me to take better care for the next generation. I earned quite a few points from playing bump - which is one of the simplest games on the surface, but really has a lot going on. It takes into consideration your tamagotchi's current weight level, and the timing on the button press. I remember mashing the button as a kid, and just hoping for the best. On top of that - you actually get more points based on how low your characters weight class is (so many cool mechanics). We purchased a bow with all the money we earnt! Jal then gave me a hand with my summer school work - which I really need to get into after writing this. Still getting the hang of Imgur - hope to improve on the photo resizing. I'm losing so much quality through it.
  7. What image hosting site are people using? I used to use photobucket but I think they’ve gone premium. 😞 

    1. Tamacass


      I used to use photobucket as well, but nowadays I use postimage! A lot of the users here also use imgur. :D

    2. AwesomeGotchi
    3. NotBart


      I personally use Imgur.

  8. Great log! The version 3 has been my favorite since childhood, so refreshing to see more people enjoy them!
  9. Oh man I can relate so much. I can't stay into tama's for a long period of time anymore, and feel like I HAVE to run a colour version to enjoy it. Definitely give an IDL a go, they are good fun for the price range.
  10. Anyone have an Ant's Life Studio for sale/trade?

  11. A LOT of CSGO and Dead by daylight. Funny how video games are so much more attractive around exam weeks.
  12. Made an account, added everyone here too. 7170 7440 199