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  1. Hello! I've recently bought myself an Attame Labo Egg and I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with these? Inparticular I'm trying to acquire the five special items; I've got the Universal Seed (repeatedly pressing 'A') and the Bullet (completing all five levels of the repeat game). Does anyone else know how to get the other three (Shooting Star, Fire and Arrow). Anyone know anything? I've checked out Daught of Anubis' guide on Tamagotchi Colledge, but there's no list of how to get the items. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I bought a genuine touchscreen QPet (bunny version) from Aliexpress, for about £3.50 including shipping. Sound is broken though and the pixels are very light, but it's cute none the less.
  3. I believe the Plus Colour can only marry (and be 'in love' with) another Plus Colour, although it can connect to an iD and iD L.
  4. Technically not Tamas, but I'm waiting for an Angel-E Mimiworld watch and a LilPri Kurukuru Collection (both vpets). Soooo excited!
  5. The downloads are still available on other sites. I think Gotchiworld and both have them. =)
  6. I own a P's and a 4U+ and I actually really enjoy both. The P's has more built in content, even with the downloads/pierces/etc.; the 4U/+ was designed as a 'bare bones' Tamagotchi, with the idea being that you could customise it with downloads to be whatever you wanted. A lot of people really didn't like the 4U/+ for this reason, but I think the graphics are lovely and it has some nice features and animations. I think it helped that the phone I already had has compatible NFC, which meant I have been able to fill it full of downloads. The P's is still fun without the pierces, although if you do have access to downloads it feels limitless as to what you can have on there (Mr.Blinky has downloadable characters and English languages versions of a couple of the physical pierces). If you have access to an irDa or NFC device then there is also an English patch for both the P's and the 4U (but not the 4U+). I think some sellers do sell the P's/4U ready patched though. If I remember correctly, the difference in content between the 4U and the 4U+ is that the latter has two new characters, different games and extra 'personality stages' (when you have an adult Tamagotchi if you do certain things, e.g., bath X number of times, they will transform into one of their 'personality stage' characters).
  7. Hey all! So I've been running my Tamagezi again and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get to King status? My Gezi is currently a 'Patriarch'. I have 10+ of each building, 5 of each vehicle, a daily income of 999,999G and have bought the helicoper and rocket (twice). I've seen a table that suggests this means I ought to be at 'King' status by now and yet I am not? My Gezi is also educated to PhD level. I was wondering if anyone could help as to how I could try to raise my level? Many thanks, Jx
  8. Ah, my Melody iD arrived and it's so beautiful. *o*

  9. On Tuesday I caved and bought a white/pink Lovely Melody iD, as I hadn't been able to find a good quality purple/silver shell for sale in months. Then this morning I found a beautiful condition purple/silver Lovely Melody iD! Murphy's law, ey? Anyway. I'm now waiting for two Lovely Melody iDs.
  10. I've been looking for a Lovely Melody iD for ages now and then in three days I've some how ended up with two (one of each design), whoops.

  11. in two minds about pre-ordering the Sanrio M!X. I've a lot that I need to spend money on at the moment, but I'm also worried that it will go up in price once it becomes available...

    1. Spacey


      From what I've heard the preorders have been selling out fairly quick. Judging from the price & demand of the Sanrio pierce I would guess that the Samrio m!x is also going to go up in price?

  12. I keep thinking about making Tamagotchi review videos, but I'm not sure.

    1. Loganator114
    2. Tama_Fan_2002


      I just made my first one. It's really fun!!!

  13. Oooh, I might hatch my TamagoChu for this. =3
  14. I'm not normally a huge fan of cross-over Tamagotchi stuff but that shell is super cute!