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  1. I have put the direct link to the manual only, so I wasn't able to include your page anywhere. I can however put you guys in the links on the left side of the home page EDIT: nvm, already did
  2. May I put this manual on for everyone, please?
  3. From the look at it it'll be rather like a TamaGO wave 2 faceplate, than a wave 1 faceplate. So it shouldn't be prone to scratches that much.
  4. Gathered all we know, as well as some assumptions in a new Gotchi Garden article
  5. I'm hoping for getting back to iR generally, without NFC at all. That would make things so much easier! And I also hope to see vintage / old connection charas, as well as more built-in content than in the 4U (as much as iD L has, if not more!).
  6. You guys haven't heard about a new Tamagotchi trademark being registered yet? The new release is gonna be called Tamagotchi M!X, and the graphic is black and white, so back to basics for 20th anniversary wouldn't surprise me at all.
  7. (Edit: First 3 posts merged to form one discussion topic) So look what just happened A new trademark got registered!
  8. No, it cannot also, this is an old log of mine, the new one is here:
  9. So I got a new Music Star recently <3 And that's what I am currently running along with my Melody Land P's. Here's my little girl: Then she evolved after an hour: And now she's a Ringotchi. Her name is Ryuko. I gave her the name after Ryuko Matoi from anime Kill La Kill. I called her band S.O.A.D. ;D And here's my P's. Oooops, sorry Mogumogutchi! So embarassing! xD
  10. Wow, I guess it's been a while since I was last here! So I might as well post some of my recent photos. ;3 I recently got a blue iD L from a trade. I absolutely love this shell color! Prettiest of all imo. First generation: And now I'm on the 2nd gen. And a little extra - a video with a very close look on the iD L's features I posted recently on my YT channel.
  11. 'Always'. RIP Alan Rickman /uploads/emoticons/default_sad.gif" alt=":(" />

  12. I'm 23 and a university student. ;P Idk how these things work in USA. ^^"
  13. Collection updates. Part 5 of my collection: Part 6 of my collection: