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  1. I've been seeing a lot of things about how the TamaOtch growth complication has been for the most part solved. But I still get Kakuretchi every time I get to the Active stage. And it evolves after 24 hours. Here's what hapoened. Character: Asadoratchi Hearts full, filled up after one dropped. Training: Adlib x5 Dancing x4 Acting x4 Training bar full, would refil it every time it dropped. Weight: 32 grams Discipline bar empty. Called one time, disciplined but then the bar emptied. Sicknesses: 1 by natural causes (I think). Messes cleaned up when made. No calls for attention. And yet... Evolved into Kakuretchi after 24 hours. The same thing happened as last time. I don't have any idea what I'm doing wrong. There's two ways to obtain Kakuretchi: either by not playing the training games enough, in which case it should be after 36 hours like the others, or by taking poor care, in which case the evolution is triggered after 24 hours. It's like a slap in the face. Here I'd assumed that now I have some idea of how to get Tamaotchi and Mochimotchi at Active stage but no, the result is always the same. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Am I right in guessing that the anniversary m!X has the same pures as Spacy/Melody save for Shimashimatchi and Makiko?

  3. Is there no mix 20ani growth chart at this point?

  4. The first generation on the m!x is really just an intro, isn't it. The game actually starts when you get to gen 2. That's why I always marry off my first gen as soon as it evolves into its adult form. And after that I marry it off when it turns 6.

  5. Hey, listen. There's five m!x versions out right now, right? So far I have the Melody version, and I'm getting the 20ani version for my 18th. So that leaves the Spacy and Dream versions. I probably won't get Spacy, since I have Melody and you probably don't need both, because it's quite a lot like the correlation between Pokémon Red Vs Blue Version. And I'll grab myself an honest to good Dream m!x the next chance I get. I miss YumeKira since we've met seen much of them since the Dream Town TF. So I want to see them again...someday... But yeah, I recently found out about this Sanrio m!x, probably the only one I didn't know about until quite recently, and I know barely anything about it. I mean, I've heard of the Sanrio peirce from the last time Bandai JP and Sanrio collaborated, so I guess this is the second exciting episode! What I want to know is, do any of you guys have a Sanrio m!x? If so, tell me, what do you personally think of this particular installment of the m!x series? Would you recommend it? How would you rank it against the other m!x versions? If it's good, I'll see to getting one.
  6. Mametchi X Lovelitchi m!xed gives you what I guess you could call the female version of Young Mametchi?

  7. I miss Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi... I really hope I'll see them on the Dream m!x when I get it.

  8. A year ago on 16 October 2016 - the day I became 17 - I got my Melody ver. Tamagotchi m!x, and so far the thing I can honestly say about it is how this version is very... unique. It's one of those versions that makes you realise that Tamagotchi is taking new turns - kind of like how Pokémon is taking new turns, as evident with Generation VI - and so far, this version has really got me back into the franchise again. So for those of you who own your m!x, be it Spacy, Melody, 20ani or Dream, I want to know what you think of this compelling new version.Please vote in the poll and make any extra comments by replying to the topic. Malfoy Edit: Changed font to something more eye-friendly due to complaints and feedback.
  9. Actually that shell form looks almost exactly like the Tamagotchi Nano. I suppose this must be some sort of spin off release or something.
  10. I think I might have almost all the vintages now except for Devilgotchi and Yasashii.

  11. It's been a long while, hasn't it. Most of you have probably forgotten who I was, but I'm back again. I found this shell design - I've never seen anything like it! I'm guessing this must be some rare, and I mean REALLY rare shell design released in Japan or something - like a limited edition shell or something like that. This is it- How's that for a rare shell design? It does seem to be legit and the seller did also sell legit Tamagotchis (I got it off ebay, you see) but I've never seen that shell design before and something about it just looks artificial to me. But I don't know, maybe it's just a really rare shell design I've never seen before. That'll be nice to have in my collection. P.S. The Tamagotchi m!x is really good, isn't it? Got mine last year and I'll be getting the Anniversary m!x this year, then the Dream m!x at some point!
  12. 1st Star Ranking, right!? Why not perform in a concert and claim your 1st Star Ranking award? Concert times are 5PM, 6PM and 7PM.

    1. WingsThePhoenix


      Yup! <33 I'm so proud of my little band~

      Right now it's almost 3:00 in my time, so I've gotta wait a little longer. It tells you when concerts happen, right?

    2. WingsThePhoenix


      What's even funnier is at the beginning I failed horrendously because it was the first time I'd played any Tamagotchi aside from the Friends XD

  13. I think I've got you. The vintage Tamagotchi age whenever they wake up; say you change the clock to an hour where the character is asleep and then to an hour it is awake it will become a year older. It's stupid, I know. That's probably what did it. It doesn't affect how long it'll take to grow, however. The schedule goes like this- Baby: 61 minutes including 5 minutes as an egg Child: APPROX 48-49 hours (if hatched before 6 PM); 72-73 hours (if hatched if hatched after 6 PM) Teen: APPROX 48-49 hours (if hatched before 6 PM); 72-73 hours (if hatched if hatched after 6 PM)
  14. >but I don't really like it as much as the other versions >unlike some of the newer versions (like the TF and Tama go) I find that the V4 is more fun to use for longer periods of time >I really do recommend the V4 >but still not much >bumping isn't really fun for those of us who have never even seen another Tamagotchi owner Now, really! What is wrong with you guys, huh? Completely disagree, I do. Completely disagree. Tamagotchi Friends is definitely worthy of being in your collection, I won't lie. It's quite simple and basic, but it is still appealing and easy to get the hang of. You've got 24 of the latest characters from Dream Town. Then Tamagtchi Friends Dream Town is a masterpiece, what with 9 games, 5 locations and new characters, and more! It's one of the best Tamagotchis of all time as far as I'm concerned, maybe barring the color Tamagotchis which are totally different from the Tamagotchi Friends anyway. Definitely get one. I think you should like it. I particularly recommend the Dream Town edition, it's more complicated and has more to it and personally I think it's far from not much and it's more interesting than the original, I think you'll find.