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  1. I've had my tamagotchi nano for a very long time but over the years, due to a few mishandlings, I've dropped it a few times and it's not functioning as it should be. I can get it to start after putting in the batteries and restarting it - hearing the beep sound and then it loads the clock screen - but after about 8 seconds, the screen turns off and it's dead again. The batteries I use are maxell alkaline batteries and brand new so that doesn't seem to be the problem. I'd like to be able to open up my tama and access the circuit board to see if I can fix it myself. I've not been able to find a disassembling guide for the tamagotchi nano so I would be grateful if anyone had any idea how to do it. Besides removing the two screws, I don't know what else I can do. Help?
  2. It may be fake or a disguised V4. Nice shell though At least it works
  3. My parents and friends both know. Whilst my family doesn't object to my collection my friends know i'm weird so I try not to show them often. I'm not ashamed of them at all
  4. My best memory was connecting with others in this house playhouse thing I had when I was in year 2. Teachers banned it in the classroom and even during break so we went there to connect and play games. That and going onto tamatown secretly during ict class with a friend hiding underneath the desk telling me his login password because I didn't have a tama at the time
  5. All in HK dollars: V1 - $125 (2 years ago) V2 - free from a friend (2 years ago) V3 x 2 - 50 each just a week ago Tamagotchi connection plus - $10 dollars while looking through a junk store (2 years ago) V4 - $149 (7 years ago) V4 - free from a friend (a year ago) V5 - $159 (6 years ago) V5 - $10 dollars same junk store V5 celebrity - free from a friend (a year ago) Music stars x 2 - $139 each Tama go - $159 Tama nano - $99 Tamagotchi P1 - $129 (non opened in a toy store opposite the junk store ) Tamagotchi P1 - $10 same junk store I have bunch other non bandai tama's all from the junk store which all costed $10 I owe that junk store alot of my collection XD
  6. I was in year 2 and everyone but me had a tamagotchi (i didn't even know what they were until a teacher told me) so being naive and a trend follower, I got my first tama. They were so much fun to keep and the best part wasn't actually the "getting the best care characters" part, instead it was connecting with all the different friends I had and making new ones during play time. Connecting in the "house" (this closed off play house thing in the classroom) was the only and best way we could all connect without the teacher knowing.
  7. I keep my tama's in my school bag or this blue pouch thing for camera's if I need to bring them out. I used to keep one in this beats pouch I found one day, but I don't recommend bringing it to school as everyone will want to and try to open it. Based from a true story At home my tama's sit carefully stored in this chest which used to hold moon cakes and was all fancy and everything. It even has a specific key for you to use to open it
  8. I'm playing with mine right now. I actually bought a pale blue tamagotchi first which I think was a V2 but it didn't work all that well so I had to go back to the store to change it. In front of me was this boy who was refunding his sister's tamagotchi which was this really pretty white background with pink flowers and leaves tamagotchi. The clerk asked me to choose so I ended up getting that one which is now my V4. tsubutchi to puchitchi to gourmetchi and finally togetchi so happy
  9. Every time I leave the country I always bring a tamagotchi with me. They've been with me to many places in china, Cambodia, home to Japan (though i didn't buy any new ones...) and now probably India I take precautions with me and always wrap them snug with a holder of some sort which fits safely in my pocket. When I do play them, they come with me to school