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  1. I started up my melody mix again for the first time in forever and I was trying to unlock berry town but my tamagotchi will not eat any more berry sundays she ate 4-5 of them and then she started refusing them but she will eat other things like the melon soda does anyone know why this is? also is there a way to get her to eat them again?
  2. but I already returned the item and finally got a refund so it all got sorted out but probably will not buy tamagotchis from ebay if they have no pictures from now on
  3. the buttons were very loose and used feeling and made a weird clicking noise tho so I am pretty sure it was used (i had a new p's before the buttons felt stiff and didn't make that noise) and the scratches on it kind of were not very great and yeah I had thought that at first maybe it just naturally yellowed but it still was falsley advertised because the description said "new and unopened" and the box was open when I got it but you are very right I should have been more careful when they had no actual pictures of the product and @natuuure I am sorry that sounds really awful
  4. yeah kind of made my day a bit worse and thank you I do too
  5. I wanted to just warn people on here about the seller eloverabu on ebay. I bought a white Tamagotchi P's from them and they sent it rather quick but the item was listed as NEW and when I opened it up it was clearly used.The tamagotchi's box was already opened and in poor condition, it was yellowing at the bottom, and it had scratches on the screen. I have a video of my unboxing actually because I wanted to recored the experiance and it quickly went down hill so I will be sending that to ebay and the seller if I can. I opened a case on ebay asking for a partial refund or replacement item but I doubt I will get either we will see. So yeah just wanted to let you guys know to be warry of that seller. here are some images