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  1. Mine was a version 4.5 I got as a gift from my friend on the bus coming home... Man, I miss it
  2. Getting a new v4.5, should be here in about a week!!

    1. Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      Congrats! The V4.5 is a wonderful version :)

  3. So. The day after yesterday, my big sister left for bootcamp to become a Marine. I wish her the best of luck, and practically everybody cried when she was leaving. I'm sad she left and still cry, but I know it's what she wants to do for a career. Good luck, Raven!

  4. First day being a freshman: It was fun, we did no work at all and just did intros and had a pep rally in the gym :D ....But I cant WAIT for tomorrow. *sarcasm*

  5. Totoro is awesome! :D

    1. Givemetea


      Alright ignore me too thats great

  6. I almost thought you were one of those cool people like teri or something. I was lied to

    1. Givemetea


      So I'm not cool? xD You're right I'll never be as cool as Teri

    2. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      You don't even drink tea why is your username asking for tea

      You make no sense

      you broke the woooorld

  7. Mine was a V4.5 that my best friend gave to me when I was in 1st or 2nd grade...I REALLY regret trading it, I really do..
  8. Ah I love Harvest Moon so much

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    2. TacticalMaster


      The farming life simulation dating game? I actually like the life simulation and dating part. Wish there were more games like those.


      But truthly, I never have played those.

    3. derekq


      There's a street name called Harvest Moon in Markham.

    4. Givemetea


      Well you learn something new everyday xD And me too, @TacticalMaster. You should try Harvest Moon if you wanna, it's pretty cool^^

  9. I think its funny when OldSchoolTama edits something and it says OST Edit because OST also stands for Official Sound Track haha
  10. What do you mean program for what Does anybody know how to change your profile thingy where it says when you were last active to private because i went through all the settings in my profile and havent found it