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  1. Had to shut mine down as I had surgery and couldn't take electronics in hospital but now I'm home, running my P1 and my V4.5.
  2. Got a weird issue going on, my V.5 keeps asking me constantly to go to work via the mail option. I do it and right after, the envelope is flashing again and no matter how many times I do the mini game, I keep being asked to go to work. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. In UK now, its not too hot or too cold, its only around 70F so don't think its a weather issue in my case.
  4. This morning my P's was showing the batteries needed changing, took some new batteries out of the packaging and inserted them but the P's said they were flat when they were brand new, took them out and tried them in my IDL and was fine. Tried around 3-4 times with my P's and constantly said they were flat, I had to reset the P's 6 times for it to stop. Has anyone had this issue and is it just a glitch with the P's?
  5. Did the seller say it was working when you bought it though? If he/she did and cleaning the contacts don't work, email the seller and say it doesn't work (That's if they said it does) and if they have a no return policy, ebay can over ride that and make them issue a refund, especially if they claim a item works when it doesn't.
  6. A pillow case would look nice are you could make some mini pouches for your tamas
  7. I use the energiser extreme batteries and between switching them out between the TF, IDL and P's they last around a month are 2 and just ran out yesterday
  8. My gorgeous husband. Been married 6 years and we still act like love struct teenagers LOL
  9. So got it up to 3 years old and it dies today
  10. I recently found my pokemon cards and put them all in a binder and currently in the process of complete all the sets, when complete, is there a sale value if I ever resold them 100% complete? I know the holo shiny card of Charizard alone goes for £40+ on ebay alone.
  11. Since I got my P's, haven't been running it, but will start it up again soon most probably. I did run it for around 3 days and even after baby stage, was still so needy. I find the game kinda frustrating, ecspecially when you get a squid, makes your water dirty and tama unhappy and start all over again with empty happiness hearts >.<
  12. Dunno how dirt got under there really as the faceplate can't be removed on the P's.