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  1. I'll be picking up my m!x from the post office tomorrow! So excited! I'll get started on menu translations then
  2. My Japanese is also very basic, but I got the gist of it. Video 1: 0:00 じょうたい せってい-- condition, or status, settings. Here it appears that you can edit the menus in some way? 0:03 たまごっちタウン -- Tamagotchi Town 0:05 あそぶものもっていく? -- Bring things to play with? Note: Idenshi Lab means Gene Lab, or Genetics Lab 0:16 おやとこどもみためいがいにも -- Parents and their children look alike. しゃべりかたやすきなものもにてくるんだよ -- Their way of talking is similar and they like to do similar things as well. Maybe you can't do anything at Indenshi Lab if your character is a first generation? Video 2: はだのいるもいでんするようそのひとつじゃが、... -- Skin color is determined by one gene, thus... おやがグリーンとはかぎらないんじゃぞ -- the parent does not have to be green. I'm not really sure what to make of the second part. Is one of your tama's parents green?
  3. Wow, fast shipping! Lucky you I don't have the tama yet but if you take a video or some photos I can translate the text, maybe that will help? Also if there are any relevant images and paragraphs in the instruction booklet I can translate that as well.
  4. That'd be fantastic if you can help me out! I plan on starting out by translating all the menu options, so if you could post a video of you scrolling through all the options or take pics of the menus that would help immensely.
  5. Follow up: I'm an idiot, I put in the batteries backwards.
  6. Hi, I posted the template above (it's the grey image). The original poster said that it should be about 6 centimeters across, they didn't provide zoom/printing information so I guess it'll be trial and error.
  7. I haven't played with my 4U+ in a while. I took it out of the box today and put in new batteries, and nothing happened. I thought it might've been the batteries so I tried a different pair -- same thing, black screen. Anyone know what could be wrong? This tama is really, really lightly used and it hasn't been damaged in any way to my knowledge. Am I forgetting some crucial step?
  8. Very few people outside of Japan have received them so I'm afraid you won't get a very specific answer. However I did find this photo of a m!x next to a 4U, maybe that will help.
  9. furbitchi: I plan on making a menu translation guide for the m!x like the one I made for the 4U. It might take some time though as mine hasn't shipped yet.
  10. I find that the 4U is great for this. One of the least demanding tamas I've ever owned. If you don't have work or school you'll probably find the tama boring because it doesn't ask very much of you in terms of care! It also has the babysitter option for when you're at work/school.
  11. If you haven't heard yet, the front part of the tamagotchi m!x can be removed! I saw this image on awagumo's instagram: Also while browsing Tamagotchi Collectors I saw that a user posted templates for m!x faceplates. Please note that this isn't my original work, I'm just sharing it with you guys. The poster said that the correct width for this template is roughly 6 centimeters.
  12. There's a group on Facebook called Tamagotchi Traders. The owner of CutiePieKawaii is taking pre-orders!!
  13. Ah yeah, I saw that video. It doesn't seem like it'd be an accurate representation of what's in game though, it looked like something taken out of the anime/concept art. I ended up getting the Melody Land version. The Spacey characters are a lot cuter IMO but I still like the default characters more than any of the four exclusive characters. I really, really don't like the way the Spacey faceplates look so I ended up getting the Melody Land one. The purple Melody version is just so pretty!
  14. Do we know what Spacey Land and Melody Land look like in the M!x? I'm having a hard time deciding between the Spacey and Melody versions. There's no basic model (as in without Spacey and Melody) right?
  15. Hi guys! I tried searching around but couldn't find any information on the download capacity (i.e. how many of each type of file it can hold, ex. 3 games, 2 food items, etc.) of the 4U/4U Plus. Does anyone know? Also, how come EZ Gotchi isn't available on the English 4U app anymore? Thanks in advance!