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  1. Sorry for past awfulness.  My old behavior was completely inexcusable and immature, and I do not stand for any bit of it.

    1. ~DreamButterfly~


      All is forgiven^^ I'm sorry as well, my own past behavior was pretty awful. 

  2. my tama collection is slowly getting larger (*´∀`*)

  3. my p2 came in the mail /o/

  4. I want to run a tamagotchi again, but no time...;w;

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JesterxLady


      Would it be worth investing in TamagoChu maybe? They require literally zero care. There's not a lot to do (no game, no where to visit, etc.) but the animations are adorable. All you have to do is connect them and their friendship level goes up; eventually after enough time they'll get married and have babies.

    3. ~DreamButterfly~


      I feel like I'd pause it all the time, but I'll try run one this weekend ><

      TamagoChu sounds interesting, but I don't have any money + parents don't like tamagotchi ;;

    4. Popgotchi


      Same complication that I ran into during the year with mine. Plus I sleep in during the weekend, so there was no way I could take care of them at 7am. Only time I woke up at 7 was before school, and I have to pause it when I'm gone

  5. the new danganronpa episode never happened just saying, everything is still ok :,)

  6. Pochitchi is so cute I love him

  7. Now that I think about it.....where did I even put my Tamagotchis...